New method for old culture.


Soil regeneration, as a particular form of ecological regeneration within the field of restoration ecology, is creating new soil and rejuvenating soil health by: minimizing the loss of topsoil, retaining more carbon than is depleted, boosting biodiversity, and maintaining proper water and nutrient cycling.

This has many benefits, such as: soil sequence of  carbon in response to a growing threat of climate change a reduced risk of soil erosion and increased overall soil resilience.Soil is integral to a variety of ecosystem services. These services include food, animal feed, and fiber production, climate moderation, waste disposal, water filtration, elemental cycling

Certain agricultural practices can deplete soil of carbon, such as monoculture where only one type of crop is harvested in a field season after season.Agroecology is an overarching category of approaches to creating a more sustainable agricultural system and increasing the health of soil. These conservation agricultural practices utilize many techniques and resources to maintain healthy soil. It helps inregenerative process.

A scientific process of regenerative process

Permaculture is a type of conservation agriculture which is a system thinking approach that seeks to increase the carbon content of soil by utilizing natural patterns and processes.Utilization of the interconnections of various plants, animals, and processes is a key practice in permacultur. Permaculture and holistic management are two different methods that focus on regenerating biomass, nutrient content, and biodiversity to the soil

Biochar is an amendment that is full of carbon and is created by pyrolysis, a high temperature decomposition process. Wastes from animals are common soil amendments, usually their manure. The way of regenerative soil is by apply 5-10 cm layer of compost, rotted manure or mushroom compost. cover with a 5 cm layer of cane mulch or hay. wet all ingredients with a soak of water or apply diluted worm liquid or organic liquid fertiliser with a watering can. The soil makes more important at farming.

The key for agriculture, our land our hapiness