I saw you in the school corridor,

My heart crushed for you,

Longing to speak to you,

My dream become my ambition, because of you,

Addicted to you, admiring the way you’re,

Wanna live with you, till my last breath

Souls got attached but still society breach,

I’m still alive that you would became “mine

– Dharshini N

You, The person reading this let us spare some time to recall all the hidden 96 Ram and Jannu in your school days , cheers to those beautiful memories in your life. Learing how fast your heart beats for the first time when you see that person. To those days making friends with that person. Friendly helps to the person and more. To all those small little things gave you heartfelt happiness and believe me that is true kind of real happiness in your life . The best part in quarantine is remembering those persons in your life . Share your thoughts to your partner. Yet that would be the beautiful wonders ,you’re blessed if you have those school corridors memories .

You may be locked up by the doors for various reasons but still there is a ray of hope .Unlock your heart cherish the beauty of your life in childhood days. Replenish yourselves within you. You make a change . Get ready folks to run after a long journey after this pandemic. You need to so strong , harder to survive. Yet this could me the best part when you recall those quarantine times. Happy weekend:)


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