“corona DEVI”

Woman worshipping “Corona Devi”

COVID-19 : Corona virus is believed to be originated from China’s Wuhan city has left the world in serious condition. Many countries are suffering with the spike of cases.

After India’s cases tally rises, parts of rural areas has started worshipping ‘Corona Devi’ . Suddenly corona virus converted into ‘corona devi ‘ Goddess in hope that this will protect them from covid-19 infection.

Corona Goddess is being worshiped in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam. In Uttar Pradesh, women in some villages in Kushinagar district and in many districts of Bihar, including Nalanda, Gopalganj, Saran, Muzaffarpur superstition run deep.

These women have dug a small pit in the field, filled it with water and each one offers nine cloves and nine ‘ladoos’ to ‘Corona Mai’ to appease her. Women from adjoining villages are flocking to the ‘temple’ to pray to ‘Corona Mai’. The women, though, are seen maintaining social distancing. Chants of “jai Corona mai” and “Corona mata ki jai” echoed in some open fields. A group of women took a dip in the Ganga and offered prayers at the river bank. Seven pits were made and after lighting incense, jaggery and sesame along with ‘ladoos’ and flowers were buried into the ground.

In many areas, the worship is also done by offering ‘poha’ to the ‘Corona Devi’.

According to the village in Dhanbad, women said that Corona Mai, who had come in dreams in the form of a cow and gradually turned into a lady saying that if people in India would start worshipping her, she will go from where she has come. Therefore, villagers performed puja here today to ward off corona virus from this country. Some said, viral videos and messages forced them to worship to get rid off corona.

Some local people have appealed to the district administration to stop such activities which spread superstition and misinformation and also such activities marks a spot for risk of pandemic.

Videos of women performing puja have gone viral on social media. Twitter flooded with #CoronaMai and in many villages of Bihar, women have resorted to worshipping what they call #CoronaDevi, a perceived angry goddess who shall turn benevolent if prayers are offered. People can’t believe that people have come up with such a superstition in the time when the entire world is fighting against the pandemic. While scientists and doctors are struggling to invent Corona virus vaccine.

Amid the lockdown, these kinds of superstitions, misinformation, viral material are very dangerous which creates negative awareness among people.