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China’s bio weapon

In December 2019 during the time of Christmas in the virology institute of China, Wuhan leaked a virus. After few days some people were admitted in the hospital due to cough and headache the doctors treated them and let go. Next day some people were admitted in the hospital due to the same symptom then the doctors treated them and let go of them. The next day so many people were admitted in the hospital due to same symptom then the doctors asked them for blood test. In the blood test had understood that people are infected with corona virus.After few days some people were found dead when the test results came they also had Novel corona virus. Then doctors understood the seriousness about this virus.They started to find the first admited patients due to this they found them and asked where did you went before coming to hospital they said they went to Live anolimal market of Wuhan. They found all of the people who went to the market there were so many people and they isolated them and asked who all did you meet .They met so many people so they understood that the count of the numbers of the patients wil be very huge. In the same day itself somany people died. This was the first outbreak covid 19 virus and now the virus has spread all over world.


In a new Geopolitical flashpoint, at least 20 of the Indian troop got killed in a face-off with the Chinese troop in the Ladakh  region after having crossed the Line of Actual Control(LAC) .It’s reported to be the deadliest clash to have happened in 50 years, after 1962 Indo-Sino war. The rumour is that the Chinese attacked because of a piece of land in the Ladakh region, but in reality the fight is about much more than that.

Tension flared between the two nuclear-armed country from the month of may, when troops in numerous numbers from each side  started to make  way to the Ladakh region. They ‘re backed by armoured trucks and artillery. The Chinese troop entered the boundary  at three points, making tents, guarding the posts and continuing even after receiving warnings, which eventually led to the pelting of stones and iron rods. On the 15th of June,2020  20 indian soldiers succumbed to the injuries ,amidst the sub-zero temperature.

Indian army have reported that the violent clash took place during the de-escalation process. Beijing is to be blamed for the clash in the Gahwan Valley near the LAC. Gahwan Valley is important because it leads to Aksai Chin, which is  a Plateau controlled by China but claimed by India. According to India, China unilaterally changed the status quo. The Chinese could not take the pressure of India building  the infrastructure in it’s own territory ,in the ladakh region .Earlier in the year 2019,Chinese had condemned India’s decision to declare Ladakh, a federal territory.

Both the sides accuse each other, of having entered their area of territory and assaulted them. Unlike  ,the other countries the media in China is fully controlled by the Government. That was the reason why China was successful in hiding about the virus for a very long time. China ,who has  mastered the art of hiding information from over the world, have once again not reported the number of men killed in the clash. According to reporters, around 45 Chinese soldiers have been killed in the clash. China went a step further, when it detained our 10  Indian men in the Himalayan region, probably doing it again after the 1962 war. After negotiation with China, China had agreed to return the soldiers back unharmed. While on being asked, China claim to deny the fact that it detained  Indian men. In fact, they even went on to say that India should find out the truth. This had led the whole nation in fire for protest. People in streets were seen burning the portrait of China’s President Xi Jinping , along with Chinese flags , as they shouted  slogans of “Boycott China”.

Narendra  Modi  paid tribute to the soldiers, who died in the clash and gave the assurance that their blood didn’t go into vain and , when needed befitting reply would be given to them. On the 19th of June,2020  Narendra Modi held an meeting with 20 Parties to discuss the India-China relationship. During the meeting, he  gave the assurance that not an inch of land  had been under capture by China, nor it would happen in the future. The construction work of the bridge in the Gahwan Valley, would not stop and continue in same pace as before. This whole clash by China was a pre-planned move by China to distract the whole world ,after receiving hatred from all over the world.US blames China for it’s territorial intentions, in order to distract the world from it’s role of spreading coronavirus.