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China’s bio weapon

In December 2019 during the time of Christmas in the virology institute of China, Wuhan leaked a virus. After few days some people were admitted in the hospital due to cough and headache the doctors treated them and let go. Next day some people were admitted in the hospital due to the same symptom then the doctors treated them and let go of them. The next day so many people were admitted in the hospital due to same symptom then the doctors asked them for blood test. In the blood test had understood that people are infected with corona virus.After few days some people were found dead when the test results came they also had Novel corona virus. Then doctors understood the seriousness about this virus.They started to find the first admited patients due to this they found them and asked where did you went before coming to hospital they said they went to Live anolimal market of Wuhan. They found all of the people who went to the market there were so many people and they isolated them and asked who all did you meet .They met so many people so they understood that the count of the numbers of the patients wil be very huge. In the same day itself somany people died. This was the first outbreak covid 19 virus and now the virus has spread all over world.

China Entering into Its Own Trap

We cannot expect an instant result from Chinese Diplomacy. Chinese are creating issues over the Ladakh border similar to the Doklam issue. Chinese want to pressurize India by this creating controversial concern over the Indo-China border. They want an economical and political deal from India. If there was no bloodbath in the past few years over India-China Border, it does not mean that they are ensuring that there will be no war, no bloodbath in future. China is unable to answer COVID-19. Therefore, China is trying to create conflict in Asia and distract attention from COVID-19. The Chinese government has no answers why did not they provide actual information of COVID-19 beginning. Why there was a delay in this process? Why is China silent about the assassination of the Li-Weinliang, a whistleblower of COVID-19? Corona has created problems for the Indian economy along with the world.

In recent times, China has raised concern in the Galwan. China will not gain profit by war. There must be one more reason behind Chinese activity that insecurity of Kashgar Gwadar Road passing from POK which constructed under the BRI program. India’s policy over PoK never liked by the Chinese government. China never tries to understand Indian points of view over the abrogation of Article 370 and PoK. These are the reason that is China present this issue as a problematic step taken by the Indian government in the UN.

The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper claims that China has sent its troops in Galwan valley due to road construction by Indian soldier. This action has taken under the violation of border control activity. But the construction of roads and bridges were active for a long time ago. In reality, the action taken by the Chinese government is not for the building of roads and bridges in the valley it was for the changing diplomatic nature of the Indian government.
In 1193 and a later agreement was agreed to maintain peace on the border, but even after Indian efforts, China did not agree to mark the ceasefire line. A broad area on the borderline has considered as a border zone in which both parties were patrolling. In this way, China is ignoring the understanding developed by the 1993 agreement. China avoids border demarcation so that it can create a situation of dispute but China, which has brought Pakistan parallel to India, now sees that after Doklam, the thinking of new India has changed. China is amazed to see the rapid increase in the strength and armed forces against the Chinese challenges. If the war happened, then China’s international image will become dusty. If China had to compromise, then he would appear like Joker in the world.

The world stands at the cusp of a new Cold War. China is not the Soviet Union before 1980 that was competing with America. In this cold war, no one has seen with China except North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. This time is the defining time for India. The security of Himalayan borders is no longer the only responsibility of India. Today the world knows the reality of China that it can do anything for its supremacy.