“Moon Landing And It’s Associated Key Discoveries”

 Humans have been bringing advancement and progress in their way of living their lives with the help of science and Technology. Working in the phase turning ideas and dreams into reality have brought the confidence within them, enabling them to tackle difficult barriers and errors easily. These technologies and gadgets we use have helped the life of humans more comfortable and provided the ease of doing work. These have been in action and got pace after the industrial revolution and since then no turning back. With the help of these humans have made machines, automotives, rockets,buildings and many more to solve the curiosity running all through their mind. The biggest curiosity which has fascinated humans and still does is space. Space has always been u known to us and we get attracted to this fact

The race to space which did start with the fight to win it between the top countries of Soviet Union and the US did result in possibilities of understanding space as soon as humans landed on the moon. The fight turned into a pace of learning and solving many curiosities related to it. The theory of formation of space is well known and we do call it the Big Bang Theory but the theory of formation of the moon was still hidden. There were many theories which suggested that it may have come floating in space from other place. The other suggested that the moon was a part of earth interior and earth spin at high speed which did throw it away in space and various other theories. Scientists wanted a theory or reality which they can believe upon. The Apollo mission helped in it. The first landing on moon, and astronauts walk created history. But as soon as they were returning back, they collected the sample of the surface of the moon, which changed everything. The sample was collected by Neil Armstrong as they saw they had some space in their shuttle to keep it. When they came back, the regolith was sent for analysis to understand what the moon surface is made off and what are the elements which may be present out there. Surprisingly they saw some white rock like particles which looked and scientists supposed it to be Anorthosite. It was something strange but also a great deal at that time as it could help us solve the theory of formation of the moon

Regolith is the moon soil which Neil Armstrong brought back on our earth. The curiosity of scientists increased as it was so fine that they were amazed to see such small particles of it. We know that the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere like earth, thus it doesn’t break any asteroid or meteoroid coming in it. This has happened for billion of years and thus created the sandy stuff on its  upper layer. So while examining it, they found many white particles which looked like Anorthosite. The fact about anorthosite is that it’s an igneous rock which means it’s a magmatic rock formed through cooling and solidification of magma. Anorthosite is lighter and less denser than various other things in magma. This suggests that the crust or the outer part of the moon is covered with anorthosite, which suggests that the moon was covered with magma all over. 

So the big question which arose was how could the moon have magma inside it? Later scientists brought a Giant impact hypothesis, which is widely accepted around the globe. According to these hypotheses, earth got smashed by a big size object or may be plants, which initiated or threw the melted clouds of this magma and particles outside which formed debris like that of Saturn rings, which got collected and that formed into our moon. This might have happened billions of years ago when our earth was newly born and was hot. These rocks are guessed to be the oldest rocks since the times of formation of our earth and later moon. 

Landing on the moon brought humans close to the less known facts of the moon and also its creation. It not only helps us to know the presence of other essential components and rocks such as oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron and many more. These space expeditions have helped humans to solve few of space mysteries and many more are in the run to be solved with frequent trips to space, various research and developments in this field and new ideas to reach more of other planets and get deep into secrets of space, increase more of our fascination towards various space phenomenon and thus open another phase of possibilities and opportunities for humans .