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How to increase your productivity?

It isn’t rare that we often don’t cross the red ribbon of goals we set for ourselves everyday. Time management and making most out of a day tips have been all around the internet, which most often are motivational paragraphs rather than something that we really need. 

While you might be following all those tips, there’s still a very little habit that costs us large and everyone experiences it, but its yet to make to the list of things to do to increase productivity.

So here it is—

Learn to say no

How many times were you stuck in situation you don’t want to be in? How many times did you have to compromise your work and happiness just because you couldn’t say no to someone else’s work/proposal? 

It’s high time you start focusing on your self and your work.

First, why do you accept and say yes to everybody? Out of politeness, ‘cuz you don’t want to seem rude or harsh and hurt their emotions. 

According to a survey, you spend 5 years of your life doing favours for someone. 

The best thing you can do is to help others, no matter what.

But a wise man knows when it is a yes and it is a no.

Start figuring out and know when it is right to be kind. 

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