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We Forgot the product name !!

Marketing is a process to promote the product and create value with the customer by selling products or provide service. There are so many times when companies marketing so well the brand name becomes the product name. We actually don’t realize that every day we use the name of the product actually their brand name. Here is some example

Google, it’s an inseparable part of our life today, our all curiosity satisfy google, we always say that “Google it” it helps us in so many ways ,Google Is the brand name the product name is Internet search engine

Parle-G evergreen morning snack. Parle-G is the brand name and product name is Glucose Biscuit

Brand Name Colgate, product name :Toothpaste

Brand Name: Nestle Maggie Products name: Noodles

Brand name: Photoshop Product name: Image Editing software

Brand name: JCB Product name : Excavator

  • Brand name: sellotape product name: transparent Adhesive Tape
  • Brand name: xerox product name: Photocopy
  • Brand name: Vaseline, product name: Petroleum jelly
  • Brand Name Fevicol Product name Adhesive
  • Brand name: Boroline product name: Antiseptic perfumed cream

Marketing is an amazing thing, we rarely used these products name, their brand brands names are their identify.