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(2) Looking for romantic, binge-worthy Hindi TV shows? Here are my top 6 recommendations.

Hey everyone! So as I promised, the Part 2 is here. And without any further delay, let’s get started!

3) Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan
This one is actually a Turkish drama which went on to become the most popular drama in Asia. Dubbed in Urdu as well, it was on-air in Pakistan. All the episodes are available on YouTube. Murat Sarsilmaz is a rich businessman and his junior assistant is Hayat Uzun who has forged her identity as Suna Pektas, for the sake of the job else she would have to leave the city. Through a series of pretty romantic twists and turns, they quite organically fall in love with each other and she finds it difficult to confess the truth about her identity to him because he is a truthful guy of high moral values. They still get married and watch to find out more. It’s again a must watch. The chemistry is sizzling given the fact that the leads are extremely good looking (Burak Deniz & Hande Ercel). The boss-employee love blossoming in a workplace is a treat to watch. They get jealous too often and honestly, its kind of cute. Scenes are very well written keeping the *realistic approach* in mind and it’s a nice engaging show, in general.

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4) NAVYA…Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal
A Shaheer Sheikh starrer alongside Somya Seth; this one is a fresh college love story between the oh-so-cute chocolate boy Anant Bajpai and shy-and-sensible Navya Mishra. There are such beautiful, intimate scenes depicting college romance and the innocent chemistry between the leads will make your heads turn, for sure. The show goes on to be quite boring and the family drama creeps in post their marriage, so if you wish you can discontinue watching right there. The musical track too is fresh and soothing. Give it a try on Disney+Hotstar. I am sure the innocence will

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5) Jijaji Chhat Per Hain
This one’s a rom-com genre show set in Delhi. Elaichi, played by Hiba Nawab is a happy-go-lucky and carefree girl who is the talk of the town for her mischiefs and good looks. She is impressed by the innocent, mild-natured and meek Pancham played by Nikhil Khurana who is the salesman at her father’s lehenga shop. Pancham denies Elaichi’s advances which make her fall for him even more. The episodes are amusing and flirtatious, watching Pancham fall a prey to Elaichi’s pranks everytime until finally marrying her is cute. The chemistry is sweet with Nazm Nazm playing in the background. It’s a pleasing love story. You can watch it on Sony LIV or MX Player and on even SAB TV as they are re-airing the show which ended just before the lockdown began.

6) Yeh Pyaar Nahi To Kya Hai
This one is a short series of 120 odd episodes available on Sony LIV. Siddhant Sinha and Anushka Reddy are childhood sweethearts. Due to a misunderstanding, she goes abroad for higher studies comes back after a long gap. She finally meets him and the sparks fly again as Siddhant is working at the Reddy’s. Anushka’s paternal multinational company. The regular interactions and sweet conversations rekindle that old love between them and it’s beautiful to watch. Namit Khanna has been a gem of an actor here, the personality, voice, everything has been so intriguing and his chemistry with Palak Jain stole the show. And the title song by Rahul Jain is beyond words! Go hear it!

Okay so that’s it! Hope you’ll start watching your favourite one out of these six recommendations. Also, I have ranked them in the order of my preference. Have fun binge-watching.


Looking for romantic, binge-worthy Hindi TV shows? Here are my top 6 recommendations.

Are you out of your Netflix subscription especially in these boring times when you need it the most? No worries, cause I am here to suggest you two of my most favourite, crisp romantic TV shows that you can binge-watch this summer to keep yourselves entertained and all that for FREE! Read on to know more!


KRPKAB was all  MAGIC~ this is one word that I use to describe this serial. I just fall short of adjectives to describe what the serial held within it. The gradual progression from hate to love made by Dev Dixit, a businessman with coconut personality and an independent woman of substance, Dr. Sonakshi Bose, his mother’s personal nutritionist, is nothing like your everyday dramas. It was so pure and blissful and not only that but the bond Dev shared with his mother Ishwari, melted my heart too. Everything was just on top and this is the reason why it shall live in all fans’ hearts forever. What endeared me the most to #KRPKAB was that it was not at all fake, everything was realistic and that we as viewers could resonate with. THE MUSIC ALBUM is one of the best parts. It certainly was one of the best decisions of my life to watch this show! Thank you so much Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes for essaying the role of Dev and Sona cause nobody could have done it better than they have and Dev Dixit, to me, is really really a special character. I’ve been fangirling like madness over this one. Grateful that we can still watch it as it is re-airing on Sony TV at 9:30 pm on special request of its massive fanbase.
This article here has done full justice to the gold of this show. Check it out♥️ https://www.fuzionproductions.com/kuch-rang-pyar-ke-aise-bhi-if-you-are-re-watching-heres-how-to-fall-in-love-with-dev-dixit-again/

My favourite musical track~ https://youtu.be/GSAt1kGrF8o

2) SADDA HAQ…My Life My Rules

This one is a love-hate relationship based in the top mechanical engineering college FITE, Roorkee. Randhir Singh Shekhawat is a prodigy but also highly impulsive and arrogant because of childhood traumas while Sanyukta Aggarwal is an independent girl who wants to chase her dreams and pursue engineering against her father’s wishes. The chemistry is electrifying, raising temperatures everytime. #Sandhir , I smiled with them, I cried with them, I lived with them in all the moments and I watched their relationship grow together. When I finished watching it, ah yes, their entire journey of two and a half years in just 25 days. I was on a nostalgia spree. They had occupied space in my head and that background music kept playing in my head for days. Randhir falling in love is infact one of the most well written and realist tracks in the iTV industry. It happened in bits until he finally realised that fighting with her has become his necessity as if, a reason to live peacefully. He couldn’t name it love in a go. The whole FITE was a witness of the fierce rivalry as well as the mushy love between its top 2 students. There were situations which took tests of their relationship. They failed and they passed too! Must Watch! The Season 2, however, isn’t as impressive said Param Singh and Harshita Gaur too. You can directly jump to the ending 10-15 episodes lf S2 right after S1 on Disney+Hotstar.

Try searching #Sandhir on Instagram and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the clips of their cute nokjokh

P.S- Part 2 of this article would be here soon.