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Are gyms eco-friendly?

Time to run from the 'deadmill' gym treadmill

People nowadays are more concerned about their health and are going to the gym to achieve their fitness goals. Many exercisers find that running on a treadmill is easier, and therefore more preferable, than running outdoors. Those who face seasonal allergies or live in cold temperatures seem to have no option but to remain indoors for their workouts. There is also a sense of encouragement from joining a gym. By getting on the treadmill at their local club, they are now a part of a group who strive to be healthy. But by jumping on a piece of exercise equipment they may be helping their bodies but are harming the environment.

While the treadmills these gym-goers choose appear to be rather simple machines that wouldn’t require high amounts of power, one treadmill can burn the equivalent of fifteen 75-Watt light bulbs while in use. Most people would never want to have five lights on in their house, let alone fifteen, yet most people have no problem using a treadmill. While most treadmills are not constantly running, treadmills and other equipment still use energy while in standby mode. Some local gyms are also crowded enough that their machines are in almost constant use, burning large amounts of energy. The temperature raises in the gym, causing the use of fans and air conditioning in addition to the level that it is constantly running at. The lights at most gyms are consistently on and using electricity, even if no one is working out. The soda vending machine alone at a local gym can use about 10 times the amount of a home refrigerator.

An amazing alternative to the conventional gym is the Green Gym, a concept that allows gentle exercise out in the countryside in fresh air. Green Gyms involve members ‘working out’ by planting trees, rebuilding damaged forest footpaths or rebuilding walls. Participants have been found to exercise moderately over a period of about four hours – equivalent to a short session on a treadmill. However, the advantage is that the air is completely pure and, more importantly, the energy expended goes into producing a tangible product. This form of gentle exercise has been found to reduce heart attacks and strokes by about 50%.

Mental health organizations have commented on the well-being effects of the Green Gym. They say that people have a natural biological attraction to nature, which is often referred to as biophilia. Connecting with the natural environment can have therapeutic benefits and can significantly lower stress levels. Not only that, it can improve physical health too.

Carbon-neutral gyms are also starting to appear around the world. Many of these have environmental policies that aim to reduce waste, increase recycling and encourage users to think about the effects of their workout on the environment. Some gyms are even levying a charge on users so that tree planting projects can be resourced. One gym is able to reclaim over 800 cubic metres of rainwater from the roof. This is enough to fill their 25metre swimming pool.

So, going to the gym on a regular basis can have a great effect on your health and body. But it comes at a cost. For the discerning environmentalist, using a gym may be an acceptable option, but it is always a good idea to check that the establishment has an environmental policy, with aims and objectives clearly stated.


“Sustainable Development A dream Or A Reality”

Increasing population over the years had posed some serious concerns over the years particularly for the Subcontinent increasing population growth in India is challenging how such a large number of bellies will be fed how nation will furnish even the basic necessary fundamental things which are required like education electricity power drinking water cheap clothes transportations and shelters etc. because number of resources are bounded resources are not abundant they are limited but consumers over the decades are proliferating may be the energy sources like coal, petroleum , etc. as we Analyse the situation it puts a serious question about future existence or survival of this population ?

technology no doubt is mark of excellence it had made human life more comfortable and provides breathtaking pace to the evolution of human civilization provides ways to march the life with better and efficient ways. it was technology who escapes mankind from caves urge them to built shelters it was technology of transforming metal piece into weapons which are used as tools for hunting and other purposes mankind learned to use different techniques of combining the different sentences to point out something meaningful and metaphorical which provides mankind the ultimate power to communicate and therefore to merge in a large groups that is what we known for. In modern world mankind used the space technology to escape from the earth orbit to lend on the surface of exploration mankind escapes to keep its footsteps on unknown celestial body , mankind learned to fly Aeroplanes, mankind created the significant industrial revolution which provides many ways to feed the nations on low input of resources getting maximum output this is the most significant revolution which had changed the course of growth perspective globally, categorization of nations gets started on the basis of growth nations with new identity based on development came into picture like developed, Developing or under developing. Nations with status of under developing tends to shift under status of developing and developing nations tends to be developed.

Today, we aspire to be developed somehow we need a tag of developed nation. But this will costs us degradation of ecology for better economy committing deforestation, liberating toxic and hazardous gases in environment and chemicals in rivers and canals making this globe heated adding extra temperature every year climate is changing showing irregular patterns glaciers are melting increasing sea levels a lot of species got extinct and more are on the verge of extinction. this is little bit acerbic to hear but reality recline in it the better technology we are adopting the more degradation to ecology we are doing. and this leads us to an emblematic question which arouse before us Can we think of sustainable development with emerging and growing trends of populations ? What is more important for us Ecology or Economy or somehow can’t we manage a marriage between the ecology and economy ? can we cost our environment and ecology for better development ?

As population increases it brings many demands hopes and aspirations with it therefore consumption in every aspect will increase for the sake of satisfying the needs new technologies more resources will utilized which deplete the natural resources directly or indirectly bringing sufferings to ecology and this quintessence development is nothing but concrete development alienating the mankind from nature. And today we are performing is far beyond the concept of ‘sustainable development’ that means meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ‘Sustainability lies in the concept of marriage between ‘economy and ecology’, without depleting the natural resources beyond a certain limit caring about forthcoming generations. but modern economic growth perspectives and trends to be developed somehow and increasing population placed the concept of “Sustainable development” under a serious challenge and marks a big question mark is it a dream ? ent

Circular economy and sustainability

Iceclog: Profitable shift to Circular Economy for Manufacturers ...

The industrial revolution and the rise of a capitalistic society have, in a short period of time, changed our planet and our lives. Overconsumption stands at the foundation of modern society and has brought along climate change and its string of environmental hazards and social issues. Overpopulation and growing demand for goods result in mind-boggling volumes of waste as well as air, soil and water pollution with high negative impacts on human and ecosystem health.

A circular economy works quite differently. Products and services in a circular economy are designed in a way that allows them to be reused, either in the biological or technical cycles. All products are manufactured in a way so they can be disassembled and materials will either be broken down by nature or returned to production. Biological material therefore consists of non-toxic, clean feeds and technical materials are designed to be a resource to be used industrially again. The goal is to throw nothing away and to reduce the need for purchasing new commodities, while production and transportation is best achieved with renewable energy.

The circular economy is a markedly different way to do business, forcing companies to rethink everything from how to design and manufacture products to their relationships with customers. One of the biggest differences is the customer’s role. The focus is no longer on consumption, but instead on the use of a function. This places different demands on the business community to build long-term relationships in their business models. The advantage is that companies benefit from each other’s success in this cascade of different cycles.

It also brings new opportunities in infrastructure, energy and production in their adaption to fit the circular economy model. Some business models are easier than others to begin with, such as the leasing of products instead of buying (everything from jeans to trucks), companies which collect and renovate their own products and then sell them in the store in a separate department or peer-to-peer models. Companies will find new ways to extend the life of products or components, to find value in the waste, or the design of circular use.

In the end it is all about encouraging the next generations to think and design in a sustainable way as well as using circular business systems to build a better future.

Advantages of Reading News Online

We are growing day by day in the field of technology. Technology is involved everywhere, whether using a button to drive an electric fan or making a huge space vehicle. Similarly, the presence of technology is now taking place in reading news and regularly updating. Gone are the times when people usually wait to get news or watch television or read newspapers. The introduction of the Internet has led to the latest breaking news websites that provide a wide variety of information with an issue. Additionally, online readers have many advantages over offline readers.

There are the following benefits of reading news online.

  1. Less expensive: – Reading online news is less expensive because there is no distribution fee, no printing work which usually makes the newspaper more expensive and the readers have to read more by paying more. If you talk about reading online news, then you can read it using a little bit of your mobile data. It looks accessible as well as less expensive.
  1. Eco-friendly: – In the present scenario, the environmental issue matters a lot. Reading news online is a good step towards saving the environment. Hard copies contain paper, chemical inks that can harm our environment. To use paper, millions of trees are cut in one stroke and the same ink containing chemicals on the paper, which is found in the environment, contaminates it. Instead of reading news from magazines or newspapers, we can read it online, where no paper or chemical-use ink is required.
  2. Instant Edit and Update: – Online news gives information about any event immediately. The same takes time for collection, printing time as well as the distribution of material for offline reading, which is considered to be outdated in the time of this new modern world. As such, we can say how important it is to be updated immediately in the modern era and for which we have to depend on online news instead of reading offline news.
  3. Get a large amount of information: – Digital content requires less space to hold a large amount of information. Therefore, by reading online news, you get more types of news available depending on your interest. Here, along with any current news, you can get the information behind it, which will make it easier to understand.
  4. Easy to carry anywhere: – Carrying a laptop, mobile, tablet or digital watch is not a big task. And all these gadgets help you to access news digitally and instantly. If we want to take away any news printed in a newspaper or any information printed in a magazine, then it is a very difficult task, but you can take the news online anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, we can strongly suggest that reading online news using your gadget greatly helps to get news, information and knowledge anywhere. In the modern era, the field of competition has become wider, for which it is very important to remain PR updated at all times. For which we will have to move towards online news and it will be necessary for the coming time.

Environmental Awareness Among School Students: A Case Study of Prevention and basic awareness of deforestation

 As you know deforestation is the removal or clearing of forest land in order for converting the land to non-forest use and is very urgent thing which wants to be fixed. Each of the days, we are cutting down the trees and clearing the forest at very disturbing rate. 46 to 58 thousand square miles of forest are mislaid at every year. This quantity is to down 36 football fields of forest each minute. It is one of the main problems in the 21st century.

Awareness of Deforestation

environmental awareness

It is an act of cutting down the tress for the resolves like as clearing the field or getting lumber. Logging operations, that give the paper and wood products for the world, chopped down uncountable trees every year. Loggers, some of them act unlawfully; also create roads for accessing number of remote places in the forests, which leads to further deforestation. Forest is also damaged as an outcome of growing the urban areas like as cities and towns.

Deforestation has number of negative effects on the environment. The main influence is the loss of habitation for number of animal species. About 70 percentage of earth contains plants and land animals and which are living in the forest, and number of them lost to deforestation in each of the year.

Deforestation is one of the casual factors based on the climate change. Forest soils are moist, but without any security from the tree cover against the sun, they will dry out very easily. Trees will also aid to uphold the water cycle through returning water vapour to the atmosphere. Without any trees for filing these kinds of roles, number of former forest fields can easily become infertile deserts.

Tress is also playing a crucial role in absorbing the green-house gases which may be the reason for global warming. Less forest means high number of green-house gases in the atmosphere that may donate in the enhanced rate of global warming.

How to Prevent Deforestation

You don’t have to live in the mid of a rainforest for to do the part for preventing the deforestation. The following are some of the suggestions that you have to consider if you are interesting in preventing deforestation in the rest of the world.

  • Use Recycled things:- Today, a consumer can buy a number of recycled things, comprising notebook paper, toilet paper, books and also shopping bags. While the people are using the recycled products and create a sensible effort not as the waste, the demand for the new raw material for replacing the things can reduce.
  • Tree care: – While cutting down the trees as sole out spare younger varieties and complete grown specimens. In the event which you should remove a tree for a genuine reason, ensure that for each tree lost as another is planted in the same place.
  • Farming Practices: – Those who plant the crops at a farm can contribute in putting a dent in the deforestation by rotating the crops. It is suggested for replacing the habit of utilizing the variety of portions of field every year with using the similar portions of land to plant the variety of crops. This practice has established efficient in upholding the soil fertility. Farmers may also hold number of other options, like as hydroponics and high yield hybrid crops, that will relies on the process of growing plants by using the mineral nutrients solutions in its place of the soil.
  • Cut Back on Palm Oil: – In Indonesia and Malaysia, an improving quantity of trees are cutting down in order to create the palm oil used for the production of some of the chocolates, breads, and shampoos. Consequently, the native orang-utans are losing down the habitat. You can spread limit and awareness the consumption of products containing the sort of oil.
  • Coals: – As the chill of winter occurs over the autumn season, try using the coals instead of firewood in the fireplace. Though it only takes a couple of hours for consuming the few logs there and here, bear in mind that it will takes number of years one tree to completely grow.
  • Reforestation: –It is the process of replanting or regenerating forest places which have been damaged or destroyed for the advantages of the mankind. Afforestation and deforestation share the similar meaning, i.e. afforestation is other name for the reforestation. Infrequently forests have the capacity to renew due to the trees in the environmental surroundings or due to the dispersal of seeds. Though, forest places which are seriously degraded can’t be renewed unless the plants that have been implanted by using the native processing methods.
  • Support Conservation Organizations: –Loan the support via contributions of the money, time, or actions for arranging that run programs which will concentrating on the preservation of forest lands and habitat like World Wide for Nature, Greenpeace, Conservation International and Community Forestry International.


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