“Sustainable Development A dream Or A Reality”

Increasing population over the years had posed some serious concerns over the years particularly for the Subcontinent increasing population growth in India is challenging how such a large number of bellies will be fed how nation will furnish even the basic necessary fundamental things which are required like education electricity power drinking water cheap clothes transportations and shelters etc. because number of resources are bounded resources are not abundant they are limited but consumers over the decades are proliferating may be the energy sources like coal, petroleum , etc. as we Analyse the situation it puts a serious question about future existence or survival of this population ?

technology no doubt is mark of excellence it had made human life more comfortable and provides breathtaking pace to the evolution of human civilization provides ways to march the life with better and efficient ways. it was technology who escapes mankind from caves urge them to built shelters it was technology of transforming metal piece into weapons which are used as tools for hunting and other purposes mankind learned to use different techniques of combining the different sentences to point out something meaningful and metaphorical which provides mankind the ultimate power to communicate and therefore to merge in a large groups that is what we known for. In modern world mankind used the space technology to escape from the earth orbit to lend on the surface of exploration mankind escapes to keep its footsteps on unknown celestial body , mankind learned to fly Aeroplanes, mankind created the significant industrial revolution which provides many ways to feed the nations on low input of resources getting maximum output this is the most significant revolution which had changed the course of growth perspective globally, categorization of nations gets started on the basis of growth nations with new identity based on development came into picture like developed, Developing or under developing. Nations with status of under developing tends to shift under status of developing and developing nations tends to be developed.

Today, we aspire to be developed somehow we need a tag of developed nation. But this will costs us degradation of ecology for better economy committing deforestation, liberating toxic and hazardous gases in environment and chemicals in rivers and canals making this globe heated adding extra temperature every year climate is changing showing irregular patterns glaciers are melting increasing sea levels a lot of species got extinct and more are on the verge of extinction. this is little bit acerbic to hear but reality recline in it the better technology we are adopting the more degradation to ecology we are doing. and this leads us to an emblematic question which arouse before us Can we think of sustainable development with emerging and growing trends of populations ? What is more important for us Ecology or Economy or somehow can’t we manage a marriage between the ecology and economy ? can we cost our environment and ecology for better development ?

As population increases it brings many demands hopes and aspirations with it therefore consumption in every aspect will increase for the sake of satisfying the needs new technologies more resources will utilized which deplete the natural resources directly or indirectly bringing sufferings to ecology and this quintessence development is nothing but concrete development alienating the mankind from nature. And today we are performing is far beyond the concept of ‘sustainable development’ that means meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ‘Sustainability lies in the concept of marriage between ‘economy and ecology’, without depleting the natural resources beyond a certain limit caring about forthcoming generations. but modern economic growth perspectives and trends to be developed somehow and increasing population placed the concept of “Sustainable development” under a serious challenge and marks a big question mark is it a dream ? ent