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For george floYd

How is it I trigger your vision so much

That you become a thunderstorm 

And press against my chest until I can’t breathe.

I dismantle into the soil 

and you rain upon me 

suffocating my pores.

I am not fierce but 

I resent with the subtle smell of petrichor.

Why is it you want me to dilute my skin

and pour myself into your white ceramic cups

when my earthen pots are just decorated enough.

How is it I am not a ‘ray’ of hope

But a tunnel of darkness.

I am the metaphors that rest upon your tongue

I want to be more— more than your diction

I want to be a human. 

Why is it you want me to become you

And forget everything we’ve been through.

I am the prequel, the story and the sequel

I was exhaled by the cosmos, 

I refuse to be altered by an inch.

ekanika shah.

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The death of the African American man, George Floyd aged 45 years old who got kneeled down on the neck by  white police officer, for nine minutes  in Minneapolis on 25th of May,2020 has set the whole world on fire. This has become the rallying point for protest against the black lives. It has even ignited fire in continents  beyond ,like Europe. In  no time since the video got viral on social media, George has become the most famous man on earth, and everyone took his an opportunity to express their anger by coming out on the  streets in huge numbers. His last words “I can’t breathe ,sir” remains engraved in people mind till now. Derek Chauvin, the culprit along with three controller present their have been charged of offence.

The activist aim of bringing drastic change to policing has been finally been seen achieving because of the death of George Floyd. People now seem to have a ray of hope for a complete transformation of public safety .Majority of Minneapolis city  council wants to put an end to discrimination by police superiors. A nine member council came together to pledge dismantle and disrupt police administration. They want to do this by rebuilding   the police administration from scratch, the objective behind this was to eliminate the bitter relationship developed between the people and the police department. This would finally put a full stop to “legal” racial discrimination. The whole scenario have now pushed the democrats to get  a bill passed, which would be aimed at reforming law enforcement in the country.

Protesters in their journey towards demanding justice, had to deal with smoke grenades, tear gas and nonlethal projectiles.Another video which went viral showed how  a old man, aged 75 years of age was protesting singlehandedly against the police officers, and he laid injured in the streets.US President Donald Trump got  slammed by New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo for tweeting without any proof that this was all a “setup”.

The continuous rising rage of the protests had led Trump to go down to the extend of sending army troops to the streets , in order to control the crowd. This could’ve been a possible solution for a country dominated by dictatorship, but not a country where democracy stands for long. People are protesting in huge number amidst the coronavirus, trying to break through all the stores in US and looting the government. The situation went to such an extent, that Donald Trump in fear had to go under bunkers. The government which  had earlier promised of building walls in lieu of their protection, now  has a covering made of steel all around The White House. The protest was even seen in Europe , after New York, Los Angeles ,London,etc. In Europe statue of Slave Trader Edward Colston was pulled down by protesters, made to roll down  through the streets to the green waters of the harbour.

Derek Chauvin ,  was addressed by the title “Sir” by George Floyd , seconds before he closed his eyes permanently . In a video clip recorded, it was seen that he is not set bail at $ 1.25 millions during a hearing. People crowded around Floyd’s last rites in hometown, Texas in order to pay him their tribute. He got buried next to his mother.

Philonise Floyd , George Floyd’s  brother  complained about how people from their background  have been ignored , and not paid importance. Democratic lawmaker Karen Bass told the house hearing that hopes America would pass the Rightful Police Reform by the end of December. George Floyd’s  brother  pleaded top the congress that his brother death should not go in vain , and he should be remembered , not as a mere picture. George Floyd  name has been engraved in the history pages, forever. He would now act as a catalyst to bring profound change.