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I am a graduate student. I started to write blogs this year only. I always loved to put my point of view on platform like this where I my views can be recognized. Hoping this will go good.


Whenever we are stuck in a problem we think that no one will understand our problem. We decide not to discuss it with anyone else because we think it is of no use. We think only we can solve our problems.

But we have to decide that talking really makes any problem easier. When we share exactly how we feel we feel relaxed. Yes! I agree many times our problems don’t get their solution but we feel relaxed and that is really important. By communicating we get hundreds of different perspectives and may be any of it brings something really useful to us.

Keeping things in heart is completely no good. It will depress us and nothing else. When we share we feel light it’s like a big burden has been dropped. So to communicate about anything is really good.


stop expecting!

The higher the expectation deeper the disappointment. Keeping expectations from anyone rather than your parents is really not cool. Because when those expectation are not full filled one feel devastated. And the question is why to expect? Why will someone fulfill your expectations. Do you completely fulfill others expectations?

May be you think that a particular person is really close to you. He can do anything for you. He will always have a support to you. But the important thing here is does that person feels same about you? Are you equally important to that person. Every relationship runs hand in hand. And you don’t have to feel bad that person do not consider you same as you consider him. Because here everyone has a right to choose their own relationships as their own choices. You can’t blame anyone for not fulfilling your expectations.

Always remember if you are hurt because your expectations are not fulfilled then you are only one responsible for your pain.


In this life race have we ever realized that somewhere we have lost ourselves. In socializing, in meeting new people, in getting involved with new identities everyday, somewhere we have lost our own identity. To achieve each and everything in life we have just lost ourselves.

The time which we spend in knowing someone for what so ever reason if we would have spent that time in acknowledging ourselves I think we would have discovered a lot ourselves. Knowing others are good in fact it is necessary to socialize but loosing your own identity is not good. We have to introspect ourselves daily.

Many times we do mistakes unknowingly and we don’t realize it and we continue doing same mistakes until someone else correct us for the same and then we feel a little embarrassed. We can prevent ourselves from such embarrassment if we everyday start introspecting. We have to understand that we are our own judge. No one knows us better than us. We are very much familiar with our own weak and strong points.

Introspecting makes you more strong. You will improve day by day. Because we are the master of our own sea. No one will help us to eradicate our shortcomings like the way the way we will do it. We have to be our own best friend!

He has a plan!

Just one bad hour and you named the whole day as a worst day. May be you were not good at that particular hour, may be the efforts you were putting in that particular hour was not sufficient and most important hour. May be that thing wasn’t meant for you.

Everything in this works works on a plan. No! I’m nit talking about your plan. There is one planner of every creature on this Earth. We are his child and we have to keep faith on his plan. All we need to be is patient. Patience is actually the MANTRA for good life. Having failure is OK. But accepting that failure as a lifetime failure is not good. You have to keep patience. Things will fall on your space. Think of the time when you achieved success. Think of the time when things were going good.

Blaming the situation or blaming your own capacity is not good will not help you. All it will do is pull your morale down. It will create feeling of self doubt in you. Always keep in mind that nothing is temporary, the time which has shown you the failure will also pass on. You have to decide how you deal with that failure. Every failure comes with a lesson.

If you accept your job interview failure with a positive attitude and thought to be patient and work harder on the next round, CONGRATULAION!! You passed the exam of your life.

And always remember passing every exam of life is more important than any other exams of your life.

Nourish Your own soul.

Every time we talk about love a person flashes in our mind. Be it be our family members, our friends, or our partner or our pet. But why every time we forget our own soul. Why we never think of ourselves.

We put so much of efforts in proving our love for others. Many times we go beyond the boundaries to show our love. We care for those to whom we love. Many time we enter in a situation where we are put into a dilemma to choose between our two most close relationships and to proof our love for one relationship we have to sacrifice the other relationship with heavy heartedly. Numbers are not enough to count how we do for our loved ones. But have we ever thought that to prove our love for others we sometimes forget our happiness, we do things which we never wanted to do.

Is this a justice we are doing with ourselves or with our soul? On Doomsday what will be our answer when will be asked what we have done to nourish our soul? What we done for ourselves to be happy. Many people get confuse between self-love and being loved. Getting attached to a person to whom you love is not self-love . That’s a temporary and uncertain thing for you. Once that person leaves you, you shatter, you just loose your own identity. But self-love doesn’t allow you to shatter. It nourishes your soul, it makes it happy always. Its like a support system to your emotional breakdown.

Many times we suppress our feelings for others happiness with a feeling that he’ll be hurt. But what about our feelings? Making others happy has just swallowed our own happiness. We need to understand that at the end it is our happiness that matters. Everyone leaves at one point of time, But our soul lives within us till death. Doing justice with our soul is the supreme judgement.

The real sense of Equality

We are running in the world of Feminism. FEMISNISM? What today’s society’s girls and women are practicing is this really feminism or are they really Feminist? Actually NO! They are the Pseudo Feminist .The time has gone when feminists used to fight for their right for their empowerment. Now feminism or call it a “PSEUDO FEMINISN” is about playing girl card whenever they feel like this are not going according to their way. Making their tears to validate their point of view. Taking undue advantage of their menstrual pain.

I still don’t get why women use their menstruation as their weakness. This is God given thing and I don’t think God has given women this thing thinking that females are weak. He knew that only women can bleed straight for 5-7 days and still live. Women should be cherishing this power. Because I don’t think any power we receive from Almighty makes us weak.

What we actually need to understand is that equality doesn’t mean giving more right to any section of the society be it be male or female. You are a 25 years old young beautiful lady sitting on the reserved seats of ladies of the metro and a 60 year old man with weak joints standing right in front of you and you are not giving up your seat just because you think it is reserved for you. As you are “LADY”. And you nag for equal rights. An unemployed female member of a family is acceptable but not an unemployed male member even though the female is earning and financial situation of the family is stable. Mom is not working because she has to handle the home, she has to be a good mother. But what if father is not working? Does he live on his wife’s earning? Is he uneducated? Why is this so? Is being a father only mean to earn? Is that all the character of an idle father. When two families meet for marriages the very 1st and important question is “Kamata kitta hai ladka?” And when the same family start putting restriction on their daughter-in-law the feminists starts road shows. My dears, you all only gave them right to suppress you as a girl. Now just stop being an hypocrite!

I agree that from the very beginning females are deprived from many of their rights and I also want that females get empowered. Rights should be for their betterments and for society development. These females are using rights in creating groups like LOCKER ROOM or Putting fake rape charges on innocents.

It is not that I support male dominated society no completely not! I just believe in TRUE SENSE OF EQUALITY.