In this life race have we ever realized that somewhere we have lost ourselves. In socializing, in meeting new people, in getting involved with new identities everyday, somewhere we have lost our own identity. To achieve each and everything in life we have just lost ourselves.

The time which we spend in knowing someone for what so ever reason if we would have spent that time in acknowledging ourselves I think we would have discovered a lot ourselves. Knowing others are good in fact it is necessary to socialize but loosing your own identity is not good. We have to introspect ourselves daily.

Many times we do mistakes unknowingly and we don’t realize it and we continue doing same mistakes until someone else correct us for the same and then we feel a little embarrassed. We can prevent ourselves from such embarrassment if we everyday start introspecting. We have to understand that we are our own judge. No one knows us better than us. We are very much familiar with our own weak and strong points.

Introspecting makes you more strong. You will improve day by day. Because we are the master of our own sea. No one will help us to eradicate our shortcomings like the way the way we will do it. We have to be our own best friend!