Nourish Your own soul.

Every time we talk about love a person flashes in our mind. Be it be our family members, our friends, or our partner or our pet. But why every time we forget our own soul. Why we never think of ourselves.

We put so much of efforts in proving our love for others. Many times we go beyond the boundaries to show our love. We care for those to whom we love. Many time we enter in a situation where we are put into a dilemma to choose between our two most close relationships and to proof our love for one relationship we have to sacrifice the other relationship with heavy heartedly. Numbers are not enough to count how we do for our loved ones. But have we ever thought that to prove our love for others we sometimes forget our happiness, we do things which we never wanted to do.

Is this a justice we are doing with ourselves or with our soul? On Doomsday what will be our answer when will be asked what we have done to nourish our soul? What we done for ourselves to be happy. Many people get confuse between self-love and being loved. Getting attached to a person to whom you love is not self-love . That’s a temporary and uncertain thing for you. Once that person leaves you, you shatter, you just loose your own identity. But self-love doesn’t allow you to shatter. It nourishes your soul, it makes it happy always. Its like a support system to your emotional breakdown.

Many times we suppress our feelings for others happiness with a feeling that he’ll be hurt. But what about our feelings? Making others happy has just swallowed our own happiness. We need to understand that at the end it is our happiness that matters. Everyone leaves at one point of time, But our soul lives within us till death. Doing justice with our soul is the supreme judgement.