What is that thin line between ‘feminism’ and ‘Pseudo-feminism’ according to you?

EDUPub Sevices

Feminism, in simple terms, means that no sex should be treated with any injustice. They should receive equal treatment. But, off late, there is developing a new type of feminism that is rightly called pseudo-feminism.

Pseudo-feminists have a deep desire to remedy all the injustices inflicted on women, often by lashing out and demeaning at men.

What they forget is the fundamental essence of the movement towards feminism: equality.

Another form of pseudo-feminism is comfort feminism. We often don’t realize it, but pseudo-feminism is all around us, clandestinely hiding behind feminism.

The women are crying everywhere for fair rights, but don’t waste a minute telling a guy sitting on a Ladies Reserved seat to vacate it.
that women’s income tax slab is higher than men’s. A woman who earns till 3,00,000-3,50,000 is exempt from tax payment.

If both men and women earn the same account, why should it only be…

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