Skill India : The need for demographic dividend advantage.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

— Robert Greene

Success of any venture in the modern world is dependent on capital and infrastructure, rules and regulations, and most significantly on technological know-how or Skills. India has been a developing nation for a long time now because it has always faced issues in imparting skills to its labour force. 

India is the second most populous country in the world after China but why does it still lag behind some of the major nations in terms of economy? The work force in India is humongous and it even has the advantage of Demographic dividend to their main competitor China. India’s median age  is 28 in 2020 against the 37 in China and the US, 45 in Europe and 49 in Japan. India has 62.5% of its population between the ages 19 to 55. Still according to the UNDP Human development report – 2020 only 21.1 % of the workforce is skilled in the period of 2010-2019. 

So where is the impediment to growth of the nation’s economy? We can safely say that the approach to impart professional skills has some hindrances that need to be mend. India has taken many steps in the skill sector in the last few years. But the result is still dismal due to lack of wholesome approach towards the skill india. 


This year’s budget has allocated 3000 crore to the national apprenticeship training scheme but has restricted it to only engineering and not to other streams which needs to be addressed. 

The authorities are overburdened with the responsibility to impart skills to the public beyond their capacities.

The policies have been discontinued and irregular thus making it far from possible to skill India at the required rate. 

According to a 2019 study by NSDC almost 70 million people in the working age 15-59 years are estimated to enter the labour force by the end of 2022. The current policies are not sufficient to skill these sheer numbers. 

Way Ahead

People in India have always focused on academic results and always been dependent on theoretical knowledge instead of practical skills. But a change in this approach has come in the form of the new education policy 2020 that has emphasised on skills and practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Matching the skills requirement in the industry that are dynamic in modern world with the training programs are also needed so that the skills acquired by the youth are not obsolete in near future. Spending on education and training needs to be hiked. 

It has been estblished that the skilling the youth has given fruitful results for a nation. Japan was such first nation to recognize it and made the most of it. Today Japan is a colossal name in terms of economy in the world. India can also make the most of it. The dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat can be secured by taking the advantage of the demographic dividend which in turn can be truly utilised by skilling India. 

~ By: Deepak Rajora