Innovative method in Agriculture.


Drip Irrigation System is a Micro based Irrigation System that has to save Water and Nutrients. By Supplying Water to plants in drop by drop it save Water and minerals.

Drip Irrigation is Invented by Simcha Bliss in Israel but it found in India at 600 a.d ago. It works by exposing roots to a direct supply of water. This Method releases water slow and steady where drip emitters are connected to water source by feed hose.

There are Two types of Drip Irrigation one is Surface Drip Irrigation Which is Delivered Water to Surface of Soil directly above root system.This is used on High level crops. The Other one is Sub surface drip which is applied directly to roots.

The Advantages are saving water,low pressure,drip feed,less soil erosion,time saving. The Dis advantages are highly cost,may block pipes when water not filtered,more leakages when damaged.

It also become most valued Innovation method since sprinklers came.It can be used in Fields,Gardens,Parks and Nurseries.