Can you imagine being in your home and not a part of it ?

Article 370 was the medium of keeping Kashmir connected to India, giving it special status i.e their own constitution, flag etc.
“In the last five years, we have made all the necessary efforts to ensure peace in J&K . We are committed to overcoming obstacles, providing adequate financial resources to all the regions of the state.” – the BJP manifesto for  the national polls read.
I suspect that removal of Article 370 was a win-win situation because of the these succeeding aspects:
Indians can now buy the land in Kashmir and invest, which would channelize the youth energy into productivity.
Literacy rate which is 67.16%(2019)  will grow as other Indian too can attain government  jobs as teacher’s, doctor’s etc.
Social prosperity which leads to a feeling of one nation through one single citizenship.
Student’s can now go to Kashmir and get certified from their Universities, giving other students more competation. This is the big time when J&K enter the mainstream and becomes  the part of nation’s collective growth.