City noise.

In modern ecology, sound pollution has come for serious discussion. Formerly men did not mind persistent loud noises. It disturbed the peace of poets and thinkers, but it was not considered to be a factor that could tell upon one’s health. But today it is so.
City noises or noisy cities are both alike. The main factor that contributes to their unwelcome noise is the loudspeaker. It is said that Rabindranath Tagore had forbidden the use of loudspeaker in the draft Constitution of the Santiniketan. It is strictly observed during marriages or other social functions. Its use during cultural functionoise pollution.ns remains confined within the halls.
The big cities are most subject to such noise pollutions. Publicity vans, cinema songs, functions or marriages deafen us with their decibel sounds. The horns in cars honk in extraordinary loud sounds. As a result, some hospitals are marked no horn zone. Now the doctors often come across deaf cases caused by high sounds in factories.
Not very long ago people had a notion that louder kirtan prayers carry higher rewards.Consequently the temples,the mosques and the gurudwaras set mikes on all sides of their building.These prayer sometimes continue for days on end .One canot protest because it is a secular country.The serious student affairs,the patient soreds restless nights..This preactice has been in vogue since long.But now the Kolkata High Court has passed a judgement restricting the decibel limit of such sounds.Students often face problems when loud music is played during examinations.Critical heart patients staying at home becomes ill and feels terrible.
Infact high noises affect not only our hearing ,it has slow poisoning effect on brains as well..The human brain is a highly sensetive organ..The repellent noice caused a kind of tendion in the brain: and its continued effect may cause any kind of damage to the human sensibility..Itvis a well known fact that hardened criminals are often treated with this device.They are subjected for hours to continuous monotonous deafening noice so that their psychological resistance is broken.It often yields tge desired result.
Like other kinds of pollution ,the remedy to this dangerous curse lies with men themselves.The government or the High Court may contain the nuisance by enforcing strict measures.But men at large ,must pay regard fo the feelings of others..Loud noise is never a sign of culture.Nehru remarked ” Culture is never loud ,culture is quiet” A cultured man is noted for his quite and restrained manners.Only the uncultured think that he gains by creating abnormal noise.
Pollutions caused by unhealthy sound are less obvious than those caused by light and smell..In the latter case the senses immediately react.The eyes automatically shrink against unusual glares.Similarly the hands coverthe noise against foul smoke.Where a long dinning noises do not stem to affect us outwardly but they sink into our senses like an undeen evil.Sometimes a man becomes dangerously conditioned to this.I have read a railway enployee complain that he can not sleep in a restful surrounding.The shnnting noise of the engines bring him sound sleep.What a tragedy!!!