Internet Access must be limited to students!!!

Nowadays, we are being surrounded by different enhancement in our environment and daily living. We are already in the 21st century in which all that we need is accessible and easy to use which is why we are being dependent. We already experienced the advancement of technology wherein it helps us to make our daily living easy to deal with. Talking about technology enhancement, let’s have this as our focus: internet access. Internet is very important today because most of the transactions can be found and accessed through internet. It is important in the sense that we can easily get relevant information needed in our works. It is important especially to those students. With its help, it will help them to get things done.

Technology has advanced drastically in schools.  So much, in fact, that students of all grades are able to use laptops in class.  However, with these advancements comes with a price.  Limiting the access to other internet for students has become a necessity for three reasons.  For starters, unlimited internet will allow the student to become unfocused with their studies.  Another reason is to limit students ability to cyber-bully other studnts.  Lastly, we need to limit the internet’s rated R content.  Students cannot succeed in their studies if we don’t take action on their access to the internet.

In the real world, young adults’ attention span has decreased, while their attention to the cyber world has increased due to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.  These sites are so popular that even Elementary students have an account.  In this predicament, all students are so glued to their accounts, that they message their friend who are either right next to them, or in another class.  When taking tests, they could use messager to cheat or they could use the popular search engine called Google.  Another internet site that greatly grabs peoples’ attention is YouTube.  While in study hall, where students should be studying for upcoming tests, they are watching videos.  If we can limit their access to the internet, or even turning it off during tests, could increase the students’ attention in school and possibly help them achieve better grades.

Bullying has been around for many years with many different forms. Typically bullying is verbal or physical; but now bullies have been known to use the internet in hopes to not get caught.  If we can limit their access to the internet, then they will be less prone to use it in ways to harm others.  Limited access could also minimize cyber trauma, or cyber rumors among students. 

Also, hackers could be stopped, at least at school, from trying their dastardly deed in stealing other student’s account.  With limited internet access, students who get bullied can have some piece of mind while at school. The world wide web offers a lot to anyone in need of searching for something for research purposes.  However, those purposes could be very inappropriate.  It has been known that some students have looked up pornography during class or in the restroom.  Those who are desparate enough to find love, have even joined online dating sites and started chatting with older men/women.  Unlimited access could give the opportunity to access violent, murderous content.  These three examples of rated R internet content are very strong reasons, especially in the eye of a parent, to limit their access.

In our generation today, with the involvement of technology specifically the internet; it should be limited in access to students. It should be and will always be limited especially those prohibited sites which are not suitable for young children or students because it might affect how they interpret our society. Internet access should have limited access to students because there are some contents and sites in the internet which exposed pornography contents wherein it might affect their development especially how they think. It will actually lead them to do negative activities which can cause negativity to the society. They should have only access to relevant information which will help their needs in school.

The Internet needs to be limited for the students if we are to continue with the schools’ reputation as a safe, educational place.  Students’ attention would be more focused on their studies and not worrying about what’s going on in the social media world.  Kids would be less teased/hacked online.  Also, they would be less tempted to look up extremely inappropriate content on the internet.  We can’t say for certain of what the kids will or won’t do outside of school, but at least there is one big place in their lives that won’t tolerate the bad internet behavior.