child labour: A Question Of Livelihood

have you ever seen a little boy serving tea on a tea stall in scruffy clothes with glittering eyes with common words “Chae Lenge Aap”, or making a puncture in a cycle store rubbing the spot of puncture with a piece of a particular paper, no doubt he is a child does he like emerging bubbles in a bucket of water when he dipped tube with a spot of puncture or is it fun for him to add another cup of milk consecutively for preparing tea? as I can remember my childhood I had spent a lot of days playing in scorching heat but it is far different from working under scorching heat under a contractor. there are many pathetic scenes that are agitating creates a feeling of disconcerting, discountenance, and shook every Soul which have some piece of Humanity. If this troubles you compelled you to think about you are clear about the picture of ‘child labor’.

But child labour can be portrayed in many aspects or there are many definitions articulated with the concept of child labour. According to sociology one who must be in ‘Education’ but working is categorized as ‘Child Labour’. according to the general definition person below 14 years of age. and according to UN definition Children below 18 years of age. But the reality is articulated with compulsion, Helplessness creates situations which bounds children with labouring.

Causes which Creates compulsions or helplessness that Force a child not to hold a pen but a tea kettle:

Poverty: it is the basic problem which compelled a child to engage in child labour for earning bread to feed their bellies.

Underemployment of parents: there is a direct effect experienced by children of employment in which their parents are involved. it is found in study children who enrolled themselves in child labor have parents whose employment is undermined. even it is very hard for their parents to arrange the meal for themselves this helplessness encourages innocents young and soft hands to hold a bag of wheat or any material on their vests.

Illiteracy: Illiteracy is the important factor contributes to the emergence of child labor, because of illiteracy people remained unaware of necessary education, social activities, health, family planning, etc. which lead them to irresponsible decisions without knowing ill effects of child labor they engage their children in child labor and prevents them to take right decisions.

unhappy homes, lacking social security, large families, orphan protection failures, preferences for child labor, etc. contributes to child labor.

But how long will it be Prevelent in our society ? how long children who must serves basic education drag weights and hold tea kettles ?

The best solution for child labor is public awareness public should participate directly to heal the matter of child labor why we should wait for filing applications and response for the system it always took months years and we have nothing in terms of result whenever on any spot if child labor is associated or encouraged we must collectively discourage it. NGOs must come forward to support and monitoring. there must be the enactment of policy for child labor, there must be CREDA (center for rural education and development associations). Banning child labor is not enough parents must be punished, media must come with series on child labor for awareness there must be a public campaign not in mobs holding banners for a single day popping slogans, there must be an internal campaign which is intuitive in nature which encourages people by heart against child labor. Child labor is a sensitive issue we must collectively forward to abolish child labor.