A girl’s life no wonder is a complete mess starting right from the birth till the death. From listening to the taunts of parents like sit properly, behave mannerly, Can’t roam alone, should not go out at night, that’s not your field, every girl should know how to cook, stitch, know applying mehendi, should be creative, also should top in the class!! And what not…! List doesn’t end here…Alot is yet to be mentioned but lets not brag other points instead lets straight come to the point of mentrual cycle.

Basically, technically, genuinely (and other ly’s)this is the normal and ordinary topic. This is no big sin which a girl is committing wantedly. No girl wants to get treated like those 3 days as if murdered someone. Its not a big deal which people still seems not to understand. People reached to the moon and here we didn’t seem to overcome from common topic.

Common myths.

We have heard many myths about having periods. First of all the word ‘Period’ means Full stop.., and according to my theory this word denotes to let girls and ladies rest..full stop to their work for sometime as the body gets weak and they seems to loose immunity so to let them rest is what this term means! But, here in India everything is superstion, almost everything is connected to the God so that people should obey them. Girls are asked to not to enter kitchen, holly place, should not touch things, should be only at one place.

Not entering kitchen, having separate place to sit and sleep. All had reasons back then, because sanitary pads were not introduced early in those time that would be unhygienic as proper precautions couldn’t be taken..but what now!? Everything is available, all are aware of it, girls are taking necessary precautions then why still being biased..!

Not touching things, going near to the plants, worshipping almighty. Was all because of they were unable to maintain hygiene. But now girls are aware of everything..stop bothering in such small matters. “Ann(food) devta, agni devta, jal devta, vaayu devta, sab bhagwan ka hi hai toh inko touch karne se paap lagega na!!” According to this when a girl starting to get periods should die. Yes dying is what we are left with because everything around us is created by god, and touching those things will let us fall in committing sins, then better to die!!

We are in 21st century. There are many things around us to worry and take consideration about. Stop falling into such small matters and traumatise girls. They already are going through alot. This is as common as men getting bleed while battling wars…others assassinating and still living normal lives then why not in this case. No hate, please get out of this sick mentality and falling into others trap!!