“Stay Productive Stay Positive”

Covid-19 situation has turned the lives of students into home stay or quarantine. These are the most challenging times that we are living in. The spike in cases of corona has shut educational institutions to practice social distancing and stay indoors.

“Make this pandemic time productive for yourself”

However, this free time is precious for gaining many valuable activities which we do not get in normal days. Most of us must have tired of watching movies, shows etc. But there are plenty of things more than that-

  • Start a reading challenge- If you want to be a good writer or want to enhance your comprehension skills, do start reading articles, stories or whatever you like.
  • Learn a new language- Try to learn a new language of your internet which could help you to freely communicate with the people of that area.
  • Aim a fitness challenge- This is the time you can spend on your body. Do challenge to get regular habit of Yoga.
  • Create a collage- We have a collection of so many photos of childhood, events. This is the time to organize them in diaries, make collage. Remembering the good times will relieve any stress and anxiety.
  • Watch documentaries- Well we spend a lot of time on TV. You can expand your knowledge by watching documentaries on varying topics such as politics, famous heroes, etc.
  • Participate in webinars – Various types of webinars on social issues,skills- based are conducting in this pandemic time, do participate and express your views over the topics.
  • Play indoor-outdoor games- On regular basis, most of us do not get time for playing games. At this time, we can spend it on games which will also help for health of oneself.
  • Work on your hobbies-Spend time on your hobbies which we do not get in busy schedule.
  • Online Courses- There are various online courses to enhance your skills during lockdown. You can get guidance sitting at home for which you want.
  • Communicate with old friends- We are social beings we need to talk to people. In the time social media, try to interact with old friends and share your feelings, remember past memories.
  • Organize your notes- Students preparing for competitive exams, this is the high time for organizing notes and lecture notes.
  • Work for internships- Work from home internships are prevailing in this time. You can apply and work to shape your skills.
  • Learn to cook- Taking this time to learn how to cook will save you future expenditure, keep you healthy and even make you less homesick when you are in hostel.

All these things will engage your mind and will keep away from negative thoughts and feelings.Always try to innovate so to learn more and more new things. I hope you would have learnt so much from this article. Try it……