*T.MOUNIKA                     **MR.T.SAMMAIAH                   ***MR.G.BABU


                *Pg Scholor Dept Of Ece Vaagdevi College Of Engineering Warangal

**Asso Professor Dept Of Ece Vaagdevi College Of Engineering

*** Asso Professor Dept Of Ece Vaagdevi College Of Engineering



A multiplier is one of the key hardware blocks in most digital and high performance systems such as FIR filters, digital signal processors and microprocessors etc. With advances in technology, many researchers have tried and are trying to design multipliers which offer either of the following- high speed, low power consumption, regularity of layout and hence less area or even combination of them in multiplier. Thus making them suitable for various high speed, low power, and compact VLSI implementations. However area and speed are two conflicting constraints. So improving speed results always in larger areas. So here we try to find out the best trade off solution among the both of them.To achieve speed improvements Baugh Wooley Multiplication technique used for signed multiplication Generally as we know multiplication goes in three basic steps. Partial product generation, reduction and final stage is addition. Hence in this paper we have first tried to design different adders and compare their speed and complexity of circuit i.e. the area occupied. And then we have designed Wallace tree multiplier then followed by Conventional, proposed Wallace multipliers and have compared the speed and Power consumption in both of them.


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