Technology incorporate for Nano-Transistor

Ms. Sheetal Rana

Department of Electrical Engineering, V.J. T.I Matunga,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Abstract –

In this paper, the major research efforts for nano-electronics by studying proposed technologies for replacing the transistor is consider.  The limitation of conventional transistor has been demonstrated and new advance technology is proposed. The electronics industry is dependent on the ever-decreasing size of lithographic transistors; this scaling cannot be continuously undefined. Nano-electronics (circuits components are built with the scale of 10nm) seem to be the most promising Technology to lithographic based Transistor. Scaling of transistor gate lengths will be limited by off-state leakage current. Future transistor scaling will require the incorporation of new device structures, Carbon nano tube Field effect transistor (CNTFET) is one of the most promising device. In this paper technique to adjust the threshold voltage (Vt) of CNTFET and off state leakage current (IOFF) has been discussed. The symmetric CNTFET has been adopted due to its inherent robustness to short-channel effects and improved current drive capability. Advantages of using alternative channel materials to facilitate scaling are mentioned.


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