Wonderful Tips for Using Silent Body Language

This is really one of the one that I read and reviewed in last few days. I found this book full of easy to use and follow body language tricks which can really enhance our social influence and we can be a good communicator. The communication is two types verbal and non-verbal. The author has beautifully explained how to use and make it our habit in synthesizing both the language. The book is available free but it is worth hundreds of million dollars. The author has explained the postures of hand which is a major component of non-verbal communication in our day to day life. The author has suggested good number of such tricks and instructed easy to follow guidelines so that the thoughts become action and action become habit of our life. I would recommend this book to all the managers, technical persons and all who wish to make a social imprint. This book can be really more useful if we practice the suggestions given in the book. I would like to enlist few suggestions which I felt everybody should follow. 1. Stand to greet and meet people. 2. Smile while you meet someone. 3. Use effectively your non-verbal communication skill to gain an edge in professional life. 4. Be careful that what you say and what your body communicate, might make a huge difference. 5. Learn good things but more important thing is to practice it in real life. Hope to see more of my friends reading this wonderful book. I will scan through more books to bring out the gems for you to possess and cherish in your life.

Book Review by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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