Vibrant Modern Democratic Republic in Full Swing

This is a wonderful book to know about India and specially modern India. People of India and government of India has always been in the forefront of the world affairs. The revival of the India’s image as the growth pole and power stabilizer in the polarized world is well known.

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India After Gandhi

The Independent India ventured out in the new era of economic, social, political and cultural changes. This is witnessed in every spheres of life of the country. We have been able to hold the great tradition of the communal harmony intact and extended it into international affairs through our foreign policy of non-aligned yet supportive of good in both capitalist form of economy as well as socialist form of economy. We have been able to create a new form of economy called mixed economy to reap the benefits of both schools of thoughts and economic system of growth and development. We have been able to command and control our destiny and help others to achieve for themselves.

We have learned from others as well as evolved our own system of political, economic and environmental management to suit the growth trajectory.

I will appreciate this book for bring out all these things into lime light and making world know that India in no more a country of ‘snake charmers’ which had been portrayed by most of the English writer of that time.

We are modern and developed in our own sense of term. The great creates norms and the weaker follows it. We have charted out our own destiny and will continue to do so whatever the odds may arise due to reasons many to count. The ‘Indian-ness’ in our blood will always be there to guide us in all our pursuits of development and progress.

Book Review by

Shashikant Nishant Sharma