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“Can Volcanoes be beneficial for us?”

Population has seen a  great hike from last century and is still growing with a rapid speed. We the need for natural resources to feed, clean water to drink, clean air to breath and land to live are significantly decreasing. The waste production is also increasing as we are using most of plastic products and things made from them and just throwing them away. But also there is some other junk and waste which gets accumulated and takes time to decompose. We humans usually throw our day today waste in our bins or public bins as on the road side to keep our home and surrounding clean. Garbage truck then takes the garbage and throws it outside of the city area, away from humans. This has been a chain process of years of chain process and we have significantly accumulated a lot of trash . This has just piled up and is gathering most of our land for decomposing or just keeping it. Which is an issue as we do require much land for building homes, offices for work, and many more. Also it is not good for our environment too. 

So what could be the best option to do with these trash mountains? Well some scientist did come up with the option to dump most of this junk into volcanoes . But the question which arises is “that would it be beneficial and successful leaving no junk behind and thus saving us?”  Volcano consists of hot lava which is expected to come from the earth core. These are sources which help this lava and gases to escape the surface. The lava is considered to be hot and has 1700 degree celsius, hot enough to melt anything and absorb in it. So it could be considered a better option to throw all the junk and waste in it which would get dissolved in the heat and thus we can get rid of all the waste. 

The problem with this solution of getting rid of the waste using this way is to:

  1.  Find the presence of active volcanoes and their strength. Most of these are not present near mankind and we do need to spend a lot of research and resources to find these. 
  2. The other problem which could be an issue, is the presence of harmful gases which can cause health issues if any individual inhales them. 
  3. Also the problem or air pollution still remains, as we know lava is hot, it would be burning components when thrown inside it. This material consists of plastic bags, containers,cans, and various other waste materials which is enough to release carbon content in air and thus would be the reason for most harmful gases. 

“So it is a straight “No” to the idea of throwing into a volcano and getting rid of these. So what could be the better options for us to do. Most often it is advised to reuse most of the things which can be. But about others thinks which cannot be reused and sting while present near us. Research work and various technologies are being made to get rid of this kind of waste soon so as to save us from the lack of resources and thus build up a better future, seeking no waste in our surrounding rather beautiful views far Hill site and fresh and pure air all around”.