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While the world has stopped, virtual and digital world has boomed a lot. Why not be different and instead of wasting time, make it productive? But, what? Here’s your guide to everything you can do.

Digital Marketing

Now, digital marketing is a VAST term. It encompasses tons of opportunities. Let’s explore and extract the term to get the best for our selves.

  1. Blogging- The most common, handy and feasible of all is blogging. You could blog about literally anything. Once you’re good, get ready for some handsome cash coming your way!
  2. Affiliate Marketing- The term seems complex but let me break that down for you. Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting products for someone and getting paid to do that. But it’s not something you can directly start with. You need to have a base, so that the seller can trust you and see profit in you. 
  3. Freelance- Have a skill? Make it a service for anyone who needs it. You could do graphic designing for a company, work for their project and promote them. 


YouTube is a platform, accessible to almost everyone who has a smart phone. Thee are tons of genres and tons of people for each genre, just choose your target audience and get going!


You can teach anything you like and are passionate about. Not just passion, but you also need to have in depth knowledge about it. While e-learning is at its peak, you can start a workshop of your own. 


Take part in as many as you can. It’s a great time to invest in your skills. Try to get as many certificates as you can, they will boost your chances for getting into a good college. Also, the many competitions offer cash prizes, vouchers or some goodies. Apart from that, you will start getting recognised for your skill.

Why wait? Start now!