Why Netflix and chill, when we can Ramayana and chill

It was 24th of the March, 2020, a disastrous year for all of us; when our honourable Prime Minister declared a complete lockdown for three devastating weeks, and eighteen year old heart of mine just sank off wondering, searching, lost as to how will I be able to make the time fly to sink back into beer and skittles.

But then! remembering that all I need to do is just not to attend any family meeting about abundance of topics, just stick with the most amazing invention of human civilization, mobile phone, and Netflix and chill with a large number of web series in a row which were unseen earlier. Watching every series, one after the another in a row and chilling more than what I planned for, from Money Heist, Resurrection, Lelia, little things to every single show, talking and sticking to every social media platform, after all the fatigue, finally got to be in the middle of people who were gonna just bully me and talk about all the time I waste when I can actually sit back sincerely and watch television. The shows that are being retelecasted after such a long were forced on me, as if they were hanging me on a new job.

Continuously watching the serial for two, three, and even four days, I couldn’t help but watch it with all of the world’s courosity, it actually made me indulge in itself. The dialogues, the characters, the picturization, every “damn” thing, so to say seemed so realistic to me that it grabbed my whole attention to it. And I can’t actually find another suitable way, just to Ramayana and chill. Obviously, it is one of the holiest books ever written in Indian history, besides that, the actual picturization just revived every thing that was long and lost somewhere in the past. Be it Shri Ram or the Ravaana, each and every character had to say something, had to convey something that is really worth praising, watching for.

Ending up with all its episodes, it really felt that, sometimes the best way to live today is by learning from yesterday. That made me realise, and I think all of us must have realised till now, one thing,

Old never gets old, and new always remains new.

It is always our generation that is stuck and bored using every modern day technology and comfort, while those who have always been living with their customs stick with them, can never,but cherish every day of their healthy lives.