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Book Review of Creation and Evaluation

Dr. Reena Mittal

M.A. (Eng.). Ph.D., M.B.A.,Department of English, DAK Degree College, Moradabad, India

E-mail id: – mittal.reena23@gmail.com


The book “Creation and Evaluation” is written and compiled by Dr. Vijay Vishal. It’s published by Popular Book Depot, Jaipur in 2014 with ISBN: 978-81-86098-13-4.

This book celebrates Dr. Vijay Vishal’s creativity and objectivity. The book has two parts and 4 sections: Each part has two sections. Part one is collection of Poems whereas part two is reviews and published research articles on poet’s collection.

          I came across this book “creation and Evaluation” during one of my academic pursuits and get very attracted by its contents and presentation. The poet Dr. Vijay Vishal is really a man of letters who has dedicated his life in reading, writing and creativity. His best thing is that he not only creates but presents his own poetry’s critical analysis with same spontaneity. “Poetry is the spontaneous over flow of powerful feelings”,  I think this live is the base of every literature lover. We all love and praise poetry since time immortal. So, this book naturally draws my attention, when I came across it. The book has two parts, each part is divided in two sections Part I, section I is collection of 46 poems composed by Dr. Vishal, titled “Speechless Messenger”. All the poems have different title, some of them are about the beauty of Nature, birds and some are about realities of life and contemporary issues. Some poems express platonic love of the lovers. The poems are of rich quality written in an ornate style. He conveyed his feelings on different aspects of life. He writes in direct and clear notion, mysticism is totally absent. In Part I section II we have collection of 37 poems under the title “Parting Wish”. These poems are about the change in life, from Ancient to Modern times, from Girl to married women, and other changes that occur in life of a human being. It can be a male or a female. Dr. Vishal is a poet of keeping past traditions alive. He has kept art of English Romanticism alive in his poetry. He expresses human feelings, sufferings, problems and changes in his poetry. To him, life is not a free flow of water but it has hurdles which we have to pass. This is what his poetry gives us in the form of message.

          Second part entitled ‘Evaluation’ has 3 sections. Section I has published reviews of Speechless Messages, Section II has reviews of Parting Wish and section three has published research articles based on both poetic collection. This part containing 3 sections has made the book somewhat different par excellence as it give us criticism of poetic collection too.

          Poetry is a natural overflow of feelings which is loved and liked by all. Dr. Vijay Vishal is this collection of poems has shown his best to attract his reader. His both collection of poems deal with a variety of topics and cover wide range of feelings, emotions and realities of life. In Part I section I “Speechless Messages” the poet, Dr. Vishal has given space to feelings and emotions related to Nature. Role of nature in context to human life has been beautifully presented in the form of poetry. His name as a poet is known to us, but this collection is his debut collection. By this bundle of poems, he want to convey a message of hope, aspiration and optimism as he sees expectations in the objects of Nature. His belief in the social norms and family are also positive if we analyse his poetry. The unborn foetus also shows rays of hope. The collection has 46 poems and the wide variety of subjects shows poets command over feelings, thought and Goddess Muse seems to be giving him divine blessings.

          Part I Section II parting wish contains 37 poems which were actually written to keep poet Dr. Vijay Vishal’s bereaved wife’s soul and memory alive forever. She left poet alone in a very young age which perturbed him very much. The poet has mentioned reality and facts of life in the poems of this collection. The book shows reflection of Swimsburne in all the poems. The poems are really good and suggestive in readings. They can be categorised as autobiographical poems as they are the outburst of his own loss at a very age of life. Due to that he has lost interest in world and life. He wished to God to grant him courage to bear all this. The deep sorrow, suffering and pain which he expressed seem to be really pathetic. He is so original and his use of language is so commendable that we feel like as reading them again and again.

          Part II has three sections which really have par excellence book reviews and research papers. The poet is lucky enough that nearly all stalwarts of contemporary era have given reviews on his books. They are really a gem of collection. The reviews again show that Dr. Vishal has really worked hard, original and poured feeling of his heart through pen. The area of subject he covered is wide in ‘Speechless Messanger’ but the collective give an optimistic note. In second collection ‘Parting wish’ the poet is Superb, original and an ardent lover who lost his beloved untimely, unrealistically. He is preparing himself mentally to bear the loss and to continue life even without her, keeping her alive forever in his memories. One aspect of his poetry which is left untouched was covered in the Part II, section three, where we have a published research paper titled “Anguish in the poems of Dr. Vishal.” The paper shows that Dr. Vishal  saw poetry as a notion to unleash social outrage. To him, it can awaken the dormant psyche of all people. He wants to uplift Indian tradition of poetry writing to a far end. All the critics who wrote on Dr. Vishal’s poetry, have one same opinion that he is a budding promising poet. who carved an eminent position in present day Indian English poetry. His poetry is a search of best verses of the present times and we can hope high with him and his pen. We can really hope that his bouquet of poems will enliven Indian English poetry.

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