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Current status of the animals in COVID-19 pandemic

Have you ever wondered while you’re at home safely; the doctors, nurses, police, army are the real warriors fighting in this pandemic. But what about the animals around us and in the wildlife sanctuaries? The pets may be safe, but the lone strangers are in need, and we need to help them. In this situation, the activities of poachers have been increasing a lot and can be a significant threat to wild animals, including the endangered animals.

Let’s start with something positive first. One of the facts that researchers were in shock after noticing the penguins are so happy after enjoying with less sea ice; it made them roam and dive freely in the water. Also, the bees, due to less pollution, are now able to find flowers easily. You may also see news like the animals in the zoo are roaming freely; nature is recovering, and much more. But that isn’t the reality. There’s a dark secret hidden behind these hysterical scenes.

A happy penguin looking at you while reading this article

People being unemployed in rural areas prone to move towards illegal activities. In Kenya, also Cambodia and some parts of Africa where bushmeat is increasing a lot. The rhinos are in danger for their horn, although there is no possible way to supply them due to restrictions. The protection in those areas might have reduced due to severe health complications in the countries, so they get an easy escape and a great start planning to earn money. The current situations have worsened day by day as the patients are increasing, beds are reducing, and the government is more focused on healthcare systems.

The technology wants to lend hands to help, and some of them did apply the methodology. Kruger National Park in Africa is using drones as a part of Postcode Meerkat and also day night vision cameras to keep an eye on such activities. The most crucial fact is that the number of wildlife animals is decreasing day by day, and most importantly, the diseases are being spread due to such activities. The worst nightmare in Africa, Ebola, also the SARS and AIDS have all originated due to the animals.

A typical seafood market

The wet market, banned several times in China, still functional in some areas leading to the outbreak, which has re-begun when the virus was found in the seafood market. It’s nearly a wartime scenario in the country. The swab testing recently is done, and guess what, the rise in the cases is observed. If the guidelines are not followed, people looking for freedom might lose their life permanently while fighting with the self-immunity, not even with someone else. Your body is a battlefield now; you have to fight for your system and not by raising questions to others.

At the time of writing this article, the cases are at 10 million, and still, there is no seriousness among the people. Being at home doesn’t mean you’re free; you need to contribute your work and show dedication towards society. We are a social animal, and yes, we also need to be controlled to control the diversion to other illegal tasks.