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Doctor’s Day

Doctor’s day is observed on various days across the world. It is marked to tribute to the physicians and their contributions to the society. In India doctor’s day is celebrated on 1st July in honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy’s birth and death anniversary. Dr. Roy was a renowned physician who was awarded as the Bharat Ratna awardee. He was also a freedom fighter and former chief minister of the state of West Bengal. The first ever doctor’s day in India was celebrated in 1991. This day is celebrated to thanks doctor’s to putting other people’s lives above your family and yours during a dangerous time. Also for fighting against coronavirus and showing us that you are real life heroes.

Simple changes in diet gives you the key to lifelong good health which also includes exercise, and stress management. A doctor’s profession is completely different as a human’s life right is in the hands of them. It is kind of great pressure like you get nervous when someone giving their life in your hands, just imagine the pressure. The job of doctor is not only saves the lives but also reduce our pain and get rid of human illness. They have huge responsibility on their shoulders to hold’s a person’s life. Situations like this, they are need to be stress free with full of positivity and performing with 100% accuracy. In your healthy diet you need to eat fruits and vegetables which are the nutritional powerhouses packed with antioxidants. Carbohydrates and proteins foods will give healthy satisfaction.

Some ways to have healthier life:

  1. Think positive and focus on gratitude- a positive attitude helps you to build a healthier immune system. Whatever you thinks your body believes that’s why focus on your thinking.
  2. Eat vegetables- A good diet with high in vegetables reduce the risk of various diseases.
  3. Exercise Daily- Everyday exercise reduce the biomarkers of aging. Also it improves eyesight, normalize blood pressure, bone density and lowering cholesterol. Either walk to the park or jump rope. You can also spin a hula hoop or bike to work.
  4. Good Sleep- try to make yourself relax through meditation or yoga. Before going to bed always make sure you are stress free otherwise stress will effect your sleep. A good sleep is all you need to have the energy before going for work.
  5. Give yourself a break- Your body can plateau if adequate rest is not given by you. Your body will restore itself when a proper rest or relaxation is given to it.
  6. Get Satisfaction- Both in eating and physical activity aims for pleasure rather than for pain. Satisfaction comes with when to eat and how much to eat.

Government and Non- government healthcare organizations celebrate Doctor’s Day every year to get familiar with the doctor’s contribution. Several events and activities are being organized on this day by healthcare organizations. Free medical check-up are being organized by the healthcare organizations to promote medical services free of cost among the public.

No Excuses: Work Hard

What’s stopping you? Are you too tired? Didn’t get enough sleep? Don’t have enough energy? Don’t have enough time? Is that what’s stopping you right now? Don’t have enough money? Is that the thing? Or is the thing that’s stopping you? Excuses sounds best to the person when the person is making them up. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Wake yourself up or at least wake yourself from inside. Its game on. It’s go season. It’s time for you take advantage of the access and the resources that you have in your country and your community. You got a problem with your life? You got a problem with your environment? Do something about it. If you want go get it.

Recognize the excuses are not valid. They’re conjured up, they’re fabricated and they’re lies. And how do you stop the lies? You stop the lies with the truth. And the truth is you have time, you have the skill, you have the knowledge and the support, the will power, the discipline to get it done. The best of everything good in life begins with a challenge. Everything is uphill that’s worthwhile. And it’s not going to come to you and it’s not going to fall in your lap and it’s not going to be something that, wow, it just was so simple, its always going to be difficult. If you want it, you got to get it. This is your chance. This is your shot. This is your moment. This is your time. This is your place. This is your opportunity. There is no such things for tomorrow but we only got today. It’s your dream if you’re going to have it than get up and make it happen. If you are going to possess it rise and grind. You still got work to do.

Nothing in life is worth it unless you’re taking risks. But giving excuses make your dreams falling apart. Self discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep commitments and promises and meet deadline is essential for success. Start by being responsible. Responsibility comes up with the way of thinking and being. You know your ability. Take the responsibility of improving yourself. Your skills are the best companion for you. Work hard to improve your skills. Don’t expect many but manage your expectations. Self empowering is all you need. Motivate yourself for day-to-day tasks. Don’t let any negativity enter in your mind. Take back your time, wasting it will make you weak.

Everybody messes once or many time in their life. But giving up is not an option. You need to build yourself. You need to improve yourself. Don’t lie about anything and specially when it comes to improvement of your own worth. Personal accountability is also important. Think, what needs you to improve, believe in yourself and then do it without giving an excuses.

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.”- By: Nelson Mandela

Failure Should Be An Option

Its okay to be scared. Its okay to cry. Everything is okay but abandoning shouldn’t be an option. People always said that failure is not an option. Failure should be an option because once you fail you rise up . And then you fail and then again you get up and that keeps you going. That’s how humans are strong. Failure is an option, should be an option but giving up is not an option. Failure is what you always fear of getting failed again but once you start overcoming your fear you start not giving up.

You need to change your mind because some of you are thinking about giving up because you’re in a season of failure but just because you’ve fail doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have bright future in store for you. It is always too soon to quit. But remind that failure isn’t final, its formative. It is the part of the process, part of the journey. Your failure matters as much as your success. How do you think you’re gonna grow if you don’t ever fail. Yet some of you have failed and you have decided. Failure is an event, its never a person. Just because you failed doesn’t mean that you are a failure in fact failure is actually fuel for your future. The way that you grow, the way that you advanced, you have to fail in order to succeed. Like everyone successes is stacked on top of failures. You need to get a revelation that the joy is not in the success, the joy is in trying, the joy is in the process. The hardest part in life to inhale failure. Whenever we lose at something we get one step closer to winning it for the next time.

The difference between the successful people and unsuccessful people is the fear. The fear of loosing again, the fear of competition with the best or the fear of doubting your worth. But the best is also comes up with the worst. Giving up should not be an option. The best one doesn’t give up but they try harder to become the best. The hardest thing in life is to lose whereas winning is easy because you win your are happy but when you fail you dust yourself off. Being easily successful will make you happy but never will be able to understand the situation of being failed. Having success without doing any efforts will one day give you failure and at that time you will not be able to accept it. That will make the situation harder for you. That’s why failure is must for success.

We are trapped in insecurity like we’re trapped in it. This idea that we see other people above us but when we look at ourselves we’re beneath, we’re lower than and its wild because nothing will hold your back more than your own insecurity. Your own insecurity will kill your dreams than failure ever will. So just get up of the sidelines and attempt to go for a better version of you. The same light shines within you too.

Top 5 Places To Visit Around The World

Travelling what everyone like it. These are memorable moments in one’s life. Many people loves to travel around the world. Travelling makes you feel happy and excited in your life. People visits many places with great enthusiasm. Some go for work, family vacations, leisure, or etc. to foreign places. Everyone has their own reasons for travelling. With safe methods and affordable amount of money, people travel around the world. So here are the top 5 places that one should visit in their lifetime.

  1. Palawan Island, Philippines It is the most beautiful island and the largest province. It is also marked as the most beautiful island in the world many times. The ultimate destination full of incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes. Teeming with exotic wildlife, quiet waterfalls and quaint fishing villages, it’s one of the most bio-diverse islands in the Philippines. This is located in Asia region. The Calauit Game Preserve and peaceful wildlife sanctuaries is a must visit in Palawan island.
  2. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil border It is the one of the modern natural wonders of the world. It is located on the border of the Argentina province Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana. A chain of hundreds of waterfall which look so beautiful and that power and noises of the cascades are must for visit. It is an awe-inspiring attractions.
  3. Alberta, Canada It is a incredible and beautiful destination to visit. The most impressive scenery with awe-inspiring glaciers and turquoise lakes attracts millions of visitors every year. This destination attracts visitors for hiking, skiing and camping.
  4. Miami Beach, Florida It is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. This city accounts about more than half of the tourism. The best sites to visit here are South Beach, Art Deco Tour, Ocean Drive – South Beach, Haulover Beach Park; North Beach, Lummus Park; South Beach, Lincoln Road Mall; The South Beach, Bass Museum of Art; South Beach, Holocaust Memorial; South Beach, Miami Children’s Museum; Causeway, Jungle Island; Causeway and many others.
  5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia It is the most beautiful national park in the world. It is known for its 16 terraced lakes which are joined by waterfalls that further extends into limestone canyon. Its wonderful blend of oak forests, meadows and limestone rock formations with incredible vivid blue lakes which attracts visitors in Croatia.

With above beautiful places one will love travelling. These are the top most places that should be visited around the world. Increase in growth of unexpected nature influence tourists industry a lot. Like seeing a new place while travelling and than returning to be its your favorite place is incredible. That’s why travelling should be must and yet it makes you feel good which is better for a healthy life. Hence, travelling is a humbling experience that helps you to find your inner balance.

Self-Confidence: Making A Difference

When you failed, you able to start building up your confidence with an urge to succeed. This is what self confidence is all about. Being confident about yourself is what makes you a better person. Confidence can not be easily gained. It need to believe in yourself. But on being over-confident will make you fail again and again. Communication is biggest way to improve your confidence. When you communicate with other persons than than you slowly develop confidence of talking with others. The feeling of nervousness will be completely finished. That’s why one need to be confident to have a successful life and to be a better person.

The person who are self confident are seem to be on top of the world which means they are successful and more calm in their life. Self-confident means to rely on your abilities. People who are self confident doesn’t mean that they have more opportunities or money or they are much smarter. No, they are also human beings like you. They just developed their skills so that they could be able to have the opportunities and can be more successful in their life. Every time being smarter is not enough. As smartness also needed confidence. Self confidence needs to believe first in yourself. With your each achievement, the backbone is only your confidence. And that need to be developed every time so that the blocks of achievement start building up. At starting it will not easy for developing your self confidence. This requires some of the important tips to be remembered.

Some of the tips for building up your self confidence are:

  1. Boost yourself with positivity- surrounding yourself with negativity will make your self confidence down. That’s why positivity and being calm is much needed for building up your self confidence.
  2. Change your body language and image- you need to change your body language which includes your postures, eye contact and speech. Build up your positive and calm image.
  3. Don’t led negative voices come into your head- never giving up should be your motive.
  4. Learn everything- To conquer something you need to learn about everything. As if you are knowledgeable than you are able to build your confidence.
  5. Create a list- when you failed, you most probably lack in what you need to do first for achieving your goal. For that make a list of how to start.
  6. Practice self-care- this need to be practice daily. If you care about yourselves than what other think doesn’t really matters to you.
  7. Remind yourself of the good- everyone is good at something. Remind of those things in which are good at. This helps in building up your confidence level.
  8. No one is perfect- remember that there is no thing like perfect. Nervousness in some situation is good but to overcome that nervousness will build up your confidence.

Hence, as said earlier confidence is difficult to gain but easy to lose. Struggle for a better life will give you confidence. Communicate with people and read as many as books you can read or make your knowledge better. Follow your dreams until it is not fulfilled.

“Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you.”- By: Mandy Hale

Why Education Is Important?

“The whole purpose of Education is to turn mirrors into windows.”- By: Sydney J. Harris

In our free country where we pride ourselves on having the ability to form our own choices, why it’s required by law that children attend school between the ages of six and sixteen? There are a few arguments out there as to why receiving an education shouldn’t be mandated by law: Children could simply be taught their family’s trade from a young age and earn a living wage through that knowledge, right? Is education is a form of political control? By having the liberty of speech and thought, children should even have the elemental right to regulate what information enters.

Moreover, for a happy and stable life education is important. If you have knowledge about the world than it will lead to happy life. You will be able to earn a good amount of money with which you can enjoy the good things that world has to offer you. In this modern era everybody wants a good life which can be earned by money and money can be earned by those who are educated. If you are educated than there are chances of having a high paying job that everyone seeks to have in their life. Education not only provides money but also it helps to identify an individual rights and most importantly it provides or help you learn about equality for fair place for everyone for every opportunities. Else it makes you self dependent that means not to dependent on others for anything. Education will open doors for various opportunities. Education doesn’t mean how to read and write but it means how to make proper use of ability of writing and reading. This also means how to utilize their knowledge for their growth. Education also helps for the countries growth economically and cherish with prosperity.

Benefits of Education are:

  1. Brings up productive results- Education in this modern era is also important for the society as with the increase in population the needs of people are also rising whereas firms needs only developed employees for which one should be able to gain knowledge for productive results.
  2. It helps the country with well educated citizens.
  3. Importance of voting can only be known if one is educated as voting is the right of citizens.
  4. It will help the citizens to get a good job.
  5. Educated persons are able to make their decisions.
  6. It also help by finding difference between good and bad.
  7. People will no longer dependent on others and they will be able to develop themselves.
  8. An educated persons helps in creating an educated society.
  9. It also helps in solving unemployment issues in the country.
  10. Children will be raised rightly as they are the future of the country.

However, education is very important aspect in one’s life. Without this an individual is incomplete. For a healthy and wealthy life education is needed. Children should also be taught the importance of education as they are the future of our country. Hence, if education is important for children than it is also important for the society to make educated society and a educated country.


A brand is a name, term, symbol, design or any other feature that makes different your goods or services from other sellers. It is used for marketing, for advertising and for business recognition so that they can create their brand equity for an object, for the customers, shareholders and owners. Generally brands are distinguished with the name of the store brands. Most of the people thought that brand is a name of any product which is popular among the people like Nike football or Van Heusen ladies bags, etc. But this not what brand is about. Here the name Nike and Van Heusen is the brand as they not only sell a particular product but they sell a variety of product with using this brand name.

In modern era, it is a concept of expanding your business or marketing and communication techniques which make a company different from their competitors with a goal of making a lasting impression in the customers mind. Also a brand valuation is important. It is a monetary value to your brand which allows marketing investment to be managed properly. This further increase shareholder value. However, it is very important to have customer trust on the brand. This is purely depends on behavior and performance of the brand as well as with their stakeholders. Communiacation plays a vital role in making the trust of the audiences on the brand. For making a good brand it needs to be properly managed and owners should keep the basic points in their mind. It is a huge responsibility of the owner to make their brand aware among the audiences. This needs to be strategized with a proper research.

The key points that make a brand are:

  1. Brand’s Identity- its a visual identity through which customers make an impression in their mind such as logo, design, color, etc.
  2. Personality- this include the characteristics and qualities that make it different from their competitors.
  3. Product Design- designing of your product through which it displays what the product is about. It also includes logo and trademarks.
  4. Brand Communication- communicating with the customers about your product and expanding your brand identity.
  5. Brand Awareness- telling customers about your brand so that more and more customers buy your product.
  6. Brand Loyalty- it is a feeling of buying the same product repeatedly because of an positive image in the customers mind.
  7. Brand Management- it is about managing of your brand properly with an aim to achieve its objectives while using some efficient strategies.

To make your brand identity good then the brand owner has carefully mange their brand to create a good market value. However, making a brand is not an easy task. It needed to be properly looked upon as well as properly researched about the customers and the products they wanted to buy from the market. Also the owner should also have good image identity which differentiate its from rest of the companies. Hence, a brand is made successful when its customers have a positive image in their mind.

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

On 26th August, Women’s Equality Day is celebrated in the United States to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States. This amendments prohibits the states and the federals government from denying the right to vote to the citizens of United States on the basis of sex. Women’s Equality Day was first celebrated in 1973. On this day an official holiday is also given to celebrate it. This day is celebrated to remember the suffragists and the efforts made by the women’s for their rights.

How in United States Women’s Equality Day celebrated? This further as follows:

  1. On this day National Organization of Women held huge rallies and marches in U.S. cities with the use of huge banners on the Statue of Liberty to honored the women’s who made voting possible for the women’s.
  2. This day also honored women who labored for long hours during the World War 1 whereas men were in battlefields. This honor are for the women who worked in factories of ammunition, weapons, supplies, etc.
  3. This day was introduced by Congresswoman Bella Abzug who made it possible through a Presidential Proclamation.
  4. Various ways are adopted to celebrate this day. By writing a thank you letter to influential women, children who were learning about the historical female figures, and by participating in parade or activities organized by the local government.

Some of the facts related to Women in America:

  1. Wyoming is the first state which grant women the right to vote.
  2. Nurse Clara Barton establish the American Red Cross.
  3. The first female mayor of American town, Susanna Madora Salter was Argonia and Kansas.
  4. The first American women Martha Washington to appear on U.S. postage stamp.
  5. Charlotte Woodward is the only suffragette who got witness women to being able to vote.

By celebrating the day for women’s equality America shows their respect for gender equality. Not only in America Women’s Equality day is also celebrated in many more countries. As men’s are important for the country’s progress than women’s are equally important for country’s progress. There is no meaning of celebrating these days if you do not understand the crux of the meaning of equality. A modern world needs a modern thinking. And gender equality begins with an individual mind or thinking. It is an individual perception of treating another person. This type of thinking cannot be changed so quickly. It needed to be properly looked at. They are need to tell about the equality, the importance of equality and the perception need to be changed.

Representation of women on various boards will give powerful messages to all the women’s who are left behind. A good message for the women’s who fight for the rights of the women’s and their struggle will not go on ease. People need to study that struggle as well as messages behind their struggle. Gender equality is important yesterday, today and also rest of the days.

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.”- By: Emma Watson

World Olympic Day

On 23rd June, 1948 Olympic day was introduced at the Sorbonne in Paris. Basically it was introduced to celebrate the birth of modern Olympic games on 23rd June, 1894. The aim or purpose of this is to promote active participation of the people in sports across the world regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability. Olympic Rings are the symbol of Olympic games which is known throughout the world and is the visual ambassador of Olympism for many people. The design was first created by Pierre De Coubertin. The Olympic rings are the global symbol of The Olympics.

The Olympic symbol consists of five rings with different colors. while using these colors it shall be from left to right as blue, yellow, black, green and red. These rings are interlaced with each other from left to right. At the top clue, black and red rings are situated whereas yellow and green are situated at the bottom. It expresses the Olympic movement and represents the union of five continents and meeting of athletes at the Olympic games throughout the world. The founder of the Olympic movement is Pierre de Coubertin. These five rings represents different parts of the world. Many countries participated in the Olympics every time. In 2018 winter Olympics about 91 countries participated. Hence, Olympics are held every four years.

History of the Olympic Rings:

  1. 1913- Olympic rings are introduced to public for the first time. With white background five rings are interlaced with blue, yellow, black, green and red.
  2. 1920- Olympic flag made their first appearance at the games of the VII Olympic Antwerp 1920.
  3. 1957- The IOC (International Olympic Committee) approved the symbol with slightly different from Coubertin’s original in which the rings intersect with each other.
  4. 1986- It is officially decided that to add gaps between the rings by the IOC.
  5. 2010- the official version of Olympic rings returned to its original with an interlaced design as of Coubertin’s vision.

The last summer olympics were held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil in 2016 and the last winter olympics was held in PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018.

Summer Sports include Archery, Artistic Swimming, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint, cycling BMX, Cycling Mountain Bike, Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Diving, Dressage, Equestrian Eventing, Equestrian jumping, Fencing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics artistic, Gymnastic rhythmic, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Marathon swimming, Modern pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Shooting, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Trampoline, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling freestyle and Wrestling Greco-Roman.

Winter sports includes Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice hockey, Luge, Nordic combined, Short track, Ski Jumping, Snowboard and Speed Skating.

All the rights and the use of Olympics properties belong to the IOC and not limited for the use of profit-making , commercial or advertising purposes. It will be used only with the written consent of the IOC. Now a days, Olympics games are developing much more than just a sports event. As participation of the countries are increasing.

The Beauty of Simplicity

Simple living is what makes us happy and makes us stress free. Unwanted wastage of money is often a picture of an unsatisfied life. When you are simplified in your life, it makes your life filled with meaning, a life that is lived on your own terms. Living a simple life gives you time and space to pursue your interests and to create the life you truly desire. In an individual life, happiness belongs on what are the thoughts you have been thinking. Between the bulging email inbox, the pressure to be “always on” at or for work, and generally stressful effect of long hours and time pressure, especially on activities such as, driving for work, it is perhaps no wonder that work and being at work can all sometimes become too much.

Switching off on holiday that, of course, is what holidays are supposed to be for. But, properly getting away from work while on holiday can nowadays be a challenge as work are usually done on smart phones or by using remote messaging. To that end employers should focus on their well being on a holiday rather indulging them at work.

Simplicity also provides many benefits:

  1. Your finances improve- Keeping your life simple, building a budget and sticking to it faithfully will help you to improve your finances. Sell the stuff you don’t need any more and only purchase item you love or need.
  2. You naturally avoid overacting- Living a simple lifestyle allows you to see the reality of the situation more easily. Your mind is less stressed because it has less to worry about.
  3. You strengthen your health- By focusing on what’s most important, your stress levels will be lower and your health will benefit. Stress can affect your mood, blood pressure, and mental health.
  4. Simplicity and freedom go hand in hand- “the more things you own, the more responsibilities you have, and the less freedom you enjoy”.
  5. You learn more about yourself- when you’re not distracting yourself with your electrical gadgets, and stressed about your life problems than you have the time and mental space to learn more about yourself.
  6. Your life is less cluttered- fewer possessions and commitments results in less clutter. This means you’ll spend less time cleaning and organizing.
  7. You can be true to yourself and your values- modern society is focused on many things that don’t lead to happiness and fulfilment.

“A simple life is its own reward.”- By: George Santayana

However, it is also important to be looking at whether time and work pressures and demands are an underlying issue within your organization that needs to be addressed generally. Hence, it is also necessary to stop chasing the next best thing. This will make your life stable and uncomplicated.

“Make it Simple, But significant.”- By: Don Draper