Why Education Is Important?

“The whole purpose of Education is to turn mirrors into windows.”- By: Sydney J. Harris

In our free country where we pride ourselves on having the ability to form our own choices, why it’s required by law that children attend school between the ages of six and sixteen? There are a few arguments out there as to why receiving an education shouldn’t be mandated by law: Children could simply be taught their family’s trade from a young age and earn a living wage through that knowledge, right? Is education is a form of political control? By having the liberty of speech and thought, children should even have the elemental right to regulate what information enters.

Moreover, for a happy and stable life education is important. If you have knowledge about the world than it will lead to happy life. You will be able to earn a good amount of money with which you can enjoy the good things that world has to offer you. In this modern era everybody wants a good life which can be earned by money and money can be earned by those who are educated. If you are educated than there are chances of having a high paying job that everyone seeks to have in their life. Education not only provides money but also it helps to identify an individual rights and most importantly it provides or help you learn about equality for fair place for everyone for every opportunities. Else it makes you self dependent that means not to dependent on others for anything. Education will open doors for various opportunities. Education doesn’t mean how to read and write but it means how to make proper use of ability of writing and reading. This also means how to utilize their knowledge for their growth. Education also helps for the countries growth economically and cherish with prosperity.

Benefits of Education are:

  1. Brings up productive results- Education in this modern era is also important for the society as with the increase in population the needs of people are also rising whereas firms needs only developed employees for which one should be able to gain knowledge for productive results.
  2. It helps the country with well educated citizens.
  3. Importance of voting can only be known if one is educated as voting is the right of citizens.
  4. It will help the citizens to get a good job.
  5. Educated persons are able to make their decisions.
  6. It also help by finding difference between good and bad.
  7. People will no longer dependent on others and they will be able to develop themselves.
  8. An educated persons helps in creating an educated society.
  9. It also helps in solving unemployment issues in the country.
  10. Children will be raised rightly as they are the future of the country.

However, education is very important aspect in one’s life. Without this an individual is incomplete. For a healthy and wealthy life education is needed. Children should also be taught the importance of education as they are the future of our country. Hence, if education is important for children than it is also important for the society to make educated society and a educated country.