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Hi, I’m Ekanika Shah, an 16 year-old Indian. I am an author, blogger and poet. I am currently an intern at Eduindex.


Starting from a company’s inception, a strong content ensures a very strong growth. From being easily found on the web to developing as a brand, it is the content that holds your hand. But why is it the content and not anything else?

A company as a whole does not have a human face. Since the shift of media to digital platforms you have to communicate with your audience virtually, and well -structured write-up is the only icebreaker.

That being said, a write up needs to engage the reader and leave a scrumptious taste on their mind. A bland write-up shall not surprise you with little or no response.

There are many reasons why a strong content is very important throughout a brand’s journey. Here are some—

  • Makes an impression and builds trust

A good content equates to a good personality. You need to be cautious about what you delivered to your readers.

The kind of write-up you present to your audience leaves a similar mark of impression on their mind. 

A well organised and errorless 

presentation of words is a boldface impression of your company on which the audience decides to trust you or not. 

  • Ensures your position

You can create content that is not professionally skilled, but it shall limit your stint in the market sooner or later.

Quality content can never take a backseat or the company’s drive is not likely to be very smooth. 

  • Fulfills a company’s commitments

A brand has a vision and seeks to deliver it through words on its website and thus it is the responsibility of the content to fulfill the company’s commitment to the audience.     

  • A major driving force in marketing and growth

A well-written article or blog includes keywords that put you up on the rung of SERPs.

Once you are good with the SEO and SERPs,  you do not need to pay for being found on the web through advertisements. The audience comes naturally through their web searches.      

When you are serving something, you need to ensure that it is good. The same goes for content. The internet algorithm makes it one of the prime factors that decide your growth in the market. So yeah, it’s the content that makes you or breaks you.

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E-learning: A boon or bane?

E-learning, which literally means, ‘electronic’ learning has received a sudden market-boost since the coronavirus outbreak. Digitalisation has been ongoing for quite some time, but the pandemic seems to have heralded it.

The digital coaching institutes which were earlier restricted to a few brand names, have now grown into a vast network. Many regular educational institutions have switched to e-learning temporarily. But  is online learning reliable as a permanent source of knowledge? Are we ready to modernise our system, or is e-learning not a substitute for traditional classrooms? 

Let’s find out. 

Schools offer twin development commitment: Academic and Characteristic. While e-learning modifies the pedagogy and makes learning more visual and digitally enabled, the students somehow miss out on social interactions and collaborative activities. It doesn’t seem to be very convincing on the characteristic development front of a student. Yet, it has an edge over traditional classrooms. How?

Let’s break this down into boons and banes of online learning.


  • Anything you need to learn is a search away- 

The beauty of digital learning is that anyone can learn anything,  at any place. There are no boundaries or restrictions. Every curiosity of yours has an answer. 

  • Less resource input and economically feasible –

For online learning, a physical set up of a classroom is not required. This makes the platform open for any teacher or even an ordinary person who wishes to teach. With less input cost, the cost of education ultimately lowers. 

  • Certificate and skill courses for better employment opportunities- 

Digitally you can pursue any course of your interest at any time, regardless of your age. When qualifications become a barrier in your professional life, you can always have a chance to enhance them digitally, even when it’s not possible physically.

  • Flexible study timings-

Flexible timings make e-learning accessible for everyone according to their routine, which ensures seamless learning.

  • Real-time interactive classes-

Live classes assure a healthy interaction between the tutor and the learner. Any query or confusion could be put up by the student without any embarrassment or fear.

  • Reduced school crimes-

Crimes we often hear about like sexual harassment, physical harassment, bullying, body shaming by seniors, teachers or classmates would be reduced to their minimal. 

With no physical interaction, it would be almost impossible for these crimes to emerge if the student has the right cyber knowledge.


  • Social ineffectiveness – When classrooms enter a room and are confined to a mobile screen, the student doesn’t get to interact with anyone physically. Gradually when they move out, they’d realise how the world is more nerve racking than their bedrooms. Social infectiveness would be a major impediment in not only their professional life but also in regular living. 
  • Unskilled scholars- As weird as it sounds,  if we enforce a digital system permanently, we’d soon be producing dumb-scholars, with no team working skills, extra curricular abilities, patience and communication skills. That would be like hatching a scholar chick out of his/her house who is in fact a grown up chicken and needs to live like one.
  • Unpunctuality and lethargy-  With everything served in their rooms and no one to keep a surveillance on, the learners would be rather lethargic and slothful. Their work would be left incomplete and if they do it, it would be done at the eleventh hour. They’d lose the value of knowledge if everything is readily available.


While the world has stopped, virtual and digital world has boomed a lot. Why not be different and instead of wasting time, make it productive? But, what? Here’s your guide to everything you can do.

Digital Marketing

Now, digital marketing is a VAST term. It encompasses tons of opportunities. Let’s explore and extract the term to get the best for our selves.

  1. Blogging- The most common, handy and feasible of all is blogging. You could blog about literally anything. Once you’re good, get ready for some handsome cash coming your way!
  2. Affiliate Marketing- The term seems complex but let me break that down for you. Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting products for someone and getting paid to do that. But it’s not something you can directly start with. You need to have a base, so that the seller can trust you and see profit in you. 
  3. Freelance- Have a skill? Make it a service for anyone who needs it. You could do graphic designing for a company, work for their project and promote them. 


YouTube is a platform, accessible to almost everyone who has a smart phone. Thee are tons of genres and tons of people for each genre, just choose your target audience and get going!


You can teach anything you like and are passionate about. Not just passion, but you also need to have in depth knowledge about it. While e-learning is at its peak, you can start a workshop of your own. 


Take part in as many as you can. It’s a great time to invest in your skills. Try to get as many certificates as you can, they will boost your chances for getting into a good college. Also, the many competitions offer cash prizes, vouchers or some goodies. Apart from that, you will start getting recognised for your skill.

Why wait? Start now!

A lonely world and other poems— book review

“A lonely world and other poems”, by Himanshu Goel is a perfect combination of inclusions and exclusions, of sadness mingling with hope, of a longing and rejection of home.

 It beautifully lays down the extraordinary situations in the life of every ordinary human. It swiftly blends the tales of being compelled into loneliness to wanting, yet rejecting to come out of it at the same time. 

I confess, it is one of the most relatable and captivating poetry compilations. The compilation is a lot of things—home, hope, severity and rivety. It lays naked the fact how the world is full of happy people with festered souls. You may go into a self-introspection mode by the end of this beauty. Ever wondered, how we let things happen, see distances increase and still lie back in the fear of being vulnerable?

It would open you to the strangeness of silently seeing yourself become someone you don’t want to and do nothing about it. It’s a realisation that the loneliness trapped inside of you is beautifully tragic. You will experience being a passionate person lost into a labyrinth that leads no where. The hard-hitting end is captivatingly painful. It’s the place where you’ll find imperfections being glorified better than beauty, society being questioned so blatantly and yet so poetically.

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Top 5 places to visit post-corona

The unexpected wallop of the novel Corona Virus has violently thrown and locked us up in our homes. We are all stuck in our beds dreaming about the sublime places we can only wish to visit anytime soon. While nature is at it’s zenith right now, exploring  some of them post- lockdown would be different and mesmerising! Let’s put them on your radar.


A glimpse from trekking base camp, Mt. Everest.

Kathmandu, the name of serenity and tranquility. Located at a whopping height of 4600 feet, the city is the capital and the only metropolitan city of Nepal.

It offers everything— ranging from spiritual peace to thrilling adventures, all one place. It’s monasteries, temples and notable places of Buddha’s life are the major spiritual tourist hotspots. Trekking, rafting, rock climbing and a hot air balloon ride are a few attractions from a bunch the place offers!


Popularly called, “The Live Music Capital of the Universe”, Branson has over 50 musical theatres! It has almost every genre of live music. The outdoor recreational activities likes biking, climbing and canoeing, make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. This is an awesome place to visit with family.


Situated in Hawaii, Honolulu is the capital of the country, best known for beaches and tourism. Waikiki beach is one of the busiest and most popular beaches. You can have thrilling water adventures in waves, be it canoeing or paddle-boarding. This should be a go-to destination for all water sport freaks!


Why not, Dubai has to be there. And guess what, Dubai is already planning to open it’s tourism. With the most exotic malls, Dubai is famous as a shopping centre. necessary and thrilling visit to the world’s largest skyscraper and structure— The Burj Khalifa. `The Palm Island is the largest artificially created island, with the best recreational activities. The country has amazingly maintained a low temperature throughout the island, while the country has one of the most arid climates. 


Well known for some of the oldest temples and Ram Setu, Haridwar is a tourist hotspot. But more than any of that, River Ganga needs to be given a prime importance. Since the outset of lockdown in India, the industrial dumping of effluents has stopped and the river is at it’s peak of beauty. Pure, cold and soothing— everything you need after a long and tiring stay in your house!

Let the adventure begin!