Top 5 places to visit post-corona

The unexpected wallop of the novel Corona Virus has violently thrown and locked us up in our homes. We are all stuck in our beds dreaming about the sublime places we can only wish to visit anytime soon. While nature is at it’s zenith right now, exploring  some of them post- lockdown would be different and mesmerising! Let’s put them on your radar.


A glimpse from trekking base camp, Mt. Everest.

Kathmandu, the name of serenity and tranquility. Located at a whopping height of 4600 feet, the city is the capital and the only metropolitan city of Nepal.

It offers everything— ranging from spiritual peace to thrilling adventures, all one place. It’s monasteries, temples and notable places of Buddha’s life are the major spiritual tourist hotspots. Trekking, rafting, rock climbing and a hot air balloon ride are a few attractions from a bunch the place offers!


Popularly called, “The Live Music Capital of the Universe”, Branson has over 50 musical theatres! It has almost every genre of live music. The outdoor recreational activities likes biking, climbing and canoeing, make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. This is an awesome place to visit with family.


Situated in Hawaii, Honolulu is the capital of the country, best known for beaches and tourism. Waikiki beach is one of the busiest and most popular beaches. You can have thrilling water adventures in waves, be it canoeing or paddle-boarding. This should be a go-to destination for all water sport freaks!


Why not, Dubai has to be there. And guess what, Dubai is already planning to open it’s tourism. With the most exotic malls, Dubai is famous as a shopping centre. necessary and thrilling visit to the world’s largest skyscraper and structure— The Burj Khalifa. `The Palm Island is the largest artificially created island, with the best recreational activities. The country has amazingly maintained a low temperature throughout the island, while the country has one of the most arid climates. 


Well known for some of the oldest temples and Ram Setu, Haridwar is a tourist hotspot. But more than any of that, River Ganga needs to be given a prime importance. Since the outset of lockdown in India, the industrial dumping of effluents has stopped and the river is at it’s peak of beauty. Pure, cold and soothing— everything you need after a long and tiring stay in your house!

Let the adventure begin!