IT Geographical Landscapes & Why it is a Good Idea to Hire a Dedicated Team in Canada

Are you working on a software development project, and you need it completed quickly, efficiently, and as cheaply as possible? Then outsourcing the project to a team might be an option you must consider. Typically, the go-to option would be to hire from countries like India, the Philippines, or Ukraine; however, a dedicated development team Canada is an excellent outsourcing idea. 

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Over the past years, more US companies have outsourced jobs to dedicated software development team Canada as they have shown strength in areas where developers from other countries are disadvantaged. Considering factors like time zone, proximity, and the IT industry as a whole, the enormous benefits of having a Canada dedicated development team for hire can not be overemphasized. Let’s get started on your journey to hire dedicated development team in Canada

Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team Canada 

Before deciding what development team to use for your next project; local teams, nearshore, or offshore teams, it is understandable why you have to weigh the pros and cons. Here are a few benefits you are set to gain when you hire from Canada;

  1. Workable time zones: 

One of the significant concerns with outsourcing, especially to an offshore team, is the issue of time. When you outsource your projects to development teams in countries like the Philippines or India, you have varying time zones, which might affect communication between you and the developers. 

However, Canada has the same time zone as the majority of cities in the US and is just a little different from other cities as the countries are geographically close; hence you can easily set up video meetings, work timelines, etc., without being concerned about the time zone difference. 

  1. Language:

Another major problem you might face with hiring a team in other countries is the difference in languages; however, that doesn’t happen in Canada. French and English are Canada’s official languages, and a higher percentage of Canadians can communicate meaningfully in the English language. 

While some details might be lost while trying to pass a message across to offshore teams outside the US, this risk does not exist with developers from Canada; hence you get to enjoy effective communication with your new development team, even with great feedback. 

  1. Lower cost:

One of the goals of outsourcing jobs is to reduce expenses, and many believe that offshoring is one of the cheaper ways to do the job. However, you can still reduce development costs when you hire dedicated team in Canada. 

The Canadian dollar trades lower than the US dollar; this favorable exchange rate sets you at an advantage as you pay less than when you outsource the job to a team of Canadian developers compared to having the job done in-house.

  1. Growing Tech Industry:

Over the years, Canada has experienced more growth in the Technology industry even with the influx of tech talent internationally, thus supplementing the local talent pool already thriving in the country with a highly educated, well-skilled, and experienced tech workforce. 

Canada has provided a significant percentage of tech giants that have significantly improved the industry; this has made Canada one of the locations you can run to for your development projects, and you can sit back and enjoy the quality delivery of your work. 

  1. Proximity:

Based on the geographical structure, you can easily move from the US to Canada within hours to meet up with your dedicated team of developers Canada to ensure that things run smoothly with your project; this is not a privilege you get to enjoy with offshore teams of developers as traveling down to countries like Philippine will cost a lot of money, time and effort. Also, if you decide to communicate via video platforms, a lot of important details can get lost due to various factors like the language barrier. 


A dedicated development team is an excellent option for completing your projects inefficiently, at a reduced cost, and in time. While there are a lot of dedicated development teams to choose from, dedicated development team Canada is the best idea when looking to hire a team. With the benefits a team from Canada proffers, especially with geographical advantages, you should hire a dedicated development team in Canada today for your subsequent development projects.