Silence is good but unnecessary silence is…….?

Once there was a shroff. He had a boy named kausik. He was 4 year old, when he heard of jain monks about silence. Monks stated that reacting in each and every thing you see, listen, eat or walk on is unnecessary. A boy stood up and asked the monk what should we do instead? Monk said instead you can stay silent and calm in every situation. But the young boy kausik take this lesson on another way.

From that day he stayed quiet in every situation no matter what it is. The shroff got tensed that what happened to my boy why he stopped speaking. The shroff took his son to doctors, tantriks and every place where he thought he would fix it, but nothing happened. Shroff has believed that due to any accident his son has lost his voice.

One day kausik was sitting under a tree where on top a folk of birds were sitting. The shooter came due to gunshot every bird stopped chirping but one bird murmured and the shooter shoot him. The dead burd fell off the tree and kausik said why did you speak?

These words of kausik were listened by an old friend of shroff. With joy he reached to shroff and said your son can speak i’ve listened him speaking with my ears. The shroff couldn’t believe this. He called his son and asked did you speak? Did you speak? No reply from son’s side. Shroff got frustrated and took his sword out and pointed it towards his friend and said that if you didn’t spoke and my friend has lied to me. I’ll punish him for his lie. No response from kausik’s side again. The shroff got angry and killed his old friend for lying to him. Then again kausik said to that died friend why did you speak? The shroff got amused and scolded to son that he is no more not because he has spoke he is no more because you were silent.

Just like this, silence is a great weapon unnecessary silence can be dangerous!