As you know, our Constitution is borrowed from the Constitutions of almost every country, but the Constitution of India has some characteristics that are different from those of other countries.

The Indian Constitution has the following characteristics.

1) Quoted from various sources- Our Constitution is borrowed from the Constitutions of various countries and the 1935 Indian Governance Act. The principles of the basic rights and guidelines of national politics come from the Constitution of the United States or Ireland, and the structural part of the Constitution of India comes from the Constitution of India in 1935. Thus, other parts of the Constitution are derived from the Constitution of the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia, France and so on.

2) The Longest Constitution- The Constitution of India is the Constitution of the World and is a very long and painstaking detail document as it contains the preamble, 490 articles and 12 appendices (now).

3) Parliamentary Government- The parliamentary system is based on the relationship between the executive branch and the legislature. Also known as the West Minister Government Model. In a parliamentary government, the head of government is the prime minister. As we know, the Indian parliamentary system is based on the British parliamentary system, but there are still some differences between the two. For example, India’s parliamentary system is not a sovereign body like the British Parliament.

4) Mixing stiffness and flexibility -,The Indian Constitution is neither rigid nor flexible, but a combination of both.

5) Unified Biased Federal System- The Constitution of India has all the usual functions of the Federation, including two governments, separation of powers, the Constitution, constitutional superiority, an independent judicial system, and a two-chamber system. Therefore, it has a federal government system.

6. Integrated and Independent Judiciary -The Constitution of India has an independent and integrated judiciary. The Supreme Court of India is at the forefront of the country’s integrated judicial system.