What is White Glove Delivery?

If you have ever looked into or needed logistics services in the past you may have come across the terms White Glove Delivery, Final Mile Delivery or Last Mile delivery, if you have then you are likely in a market sector of business that requires a special level of service when it comes to transportation and logistics of highly valuable or highly delicate goods. In this article you should find all of the information you need to explain what these terms mean in terms of service levels.

Call the specialists.

The growth of technology has been truly amazing over the years enabling us to perform duties that at one time would have been seen as nothing short of a miracle, take the medical industry as an example. The machines and equipment of today have enabled the diagnosis and supply medical care to people who may not have had the same chances of living a healthy life, the same can be said for all types of medical care, be it in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, animal care services, the list goes on.

The equipment used is highly expensive and delicate but logistically, how did it get to where it is? That is where services like Rhenus High Tech last mile delivery have ensured machines and valuable experiment have reached where they need to be with no issues along the way. When hearing the terms White Glove Delivery, Final Mile or Last Mile Delivery Services, they all pretty much cover the same level of service and here is what you could expect to receive should you need anything delicate or highly valuable transported or stored.

 The benefits

  • Transporting customer products to or from site on our specialist transportation vehicles
  • Moving the equipment through the customer site using floor protection and specialist handling equipment
  • Unpacking the equipment
  • Positioning the equipment into the final resting place
  • Performing value added services such as system setup and end user training
  • Removing the packaging from site ready for recycling
  • Removal of old equipment to be refurbished or disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations

Certified logistics

When dealing with specialist equipment you want to be sure that the company you deal with collaborates with you and has the experience and expertise to carry out the task as promised. On the subject of collaboration, this blog on brainstorming collaboration in the workplace is well worth a read. There is also added peace of mind that the team you are dealing with actually care about your needs.

  • Project management procedures
  • The correct questions to ask to understand customer site specifics
  • The bespoke characteristics and capabilities of our specialist transportation vehicles (including FORS transport regulations)
  • The operation of manual handling techniques using specialist handling equipment, floor protection, tilting equipment and stair climbing equipment

Specialist warehouses

Some equipment is highly sensitive and will need checking or looking after in a particular manner, here are some of the features that could expect at the storage facilities. Here is some further information about temporary storage legislation.

  • Short- & long-term storage
  • Pre staging / system configuration area
  • Pre delivery preparation area
  • Equipment repair and test centres
  • X-ray room test facilities
  • Equipment cleaning
  • In-transit merge and consolidation
  • Unpacking and package disposal
  • Parts management including pick, pack and despatch
  • Overhead gantry system
  • Clean room environment
  • Data wiping

Final delivery thoughts?

Hopefully there is enough information here to paint a clearer picture of the terms discussed mean, one thing is for sure, if you want the best of care then you have made the right choice.