Bahla Fort: A Remarkable Piece of Oman’s Architecture

By Shivam Pathak

Bahla Fort stands in the heart of Oman as a witness of Oman’s long glorious history. Its age old aesthetic and majestic look is the prime attraction for tourists in the
country. The fort was built somewhere in between 12th Century and 15th Century. The area of the Bahla Fort was formerly dominated by the Banu Nebhan tribe. The fort had been built by unbaked bricks, and stones. The entire structure of the Bahla Fort is divided into three main parts from inside. The remnants of this old beauty exemplified the bygone grandeur and splendor of the Banu Nebhan tribe. The fort has also undergone various renovations, in order to gain its former glory. It was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year of 1987. In addition to this, the structure of the fort is also one of the remarkable examples of an age old water engineering skills, used by the former inhabitants for agricultural and domestic
purposes. One of the prime structures under this whole establishment is the Friday Mosque, which is adjacent to
the Fort. These two structures ultimately give the whole setting of the fort a sort of sophisticated and magnificent appearance. Up to this day a lot of tourists across the globe come to behold the splendor of this remarkable piece of
Oman’s architecture.