Krakow Barbican: A must seen site in Poland

By Shivam Pathak

In the long list of Poland’s prime destinations for tourists the Krakow Barbican has a very important place. Its
architectural beauty is very impressive. Basically it is a fortified military outpost which was in yore times was once linked to the city walls. The Krakow has in total four stories. It is made up of brick and stone. The whole structure includes a large circular tower, an interior open space, and seven watch towers.

The structure has a lot of significance in terms of historical perspective because the gateway leads into the Old Town of Krakow (the bygone capital of Poland), Poland. The structure was constructed in the year of 1498.Today many exhibitions are placed here. It is one of the few surviving remnants of an old sophisticated network of fortifications that formerly surrounded the royal city of Krakow.

Its architecture outlines the elements of Gothic-style barbican. At present the Krakow Barbican is under the protection and supervision of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków. Apart from this, the Krakow Barbican is one of the only three surviving fortified outposts in Europe. Krakow had also witnessed a lot of wars, such as- the war of 1587, the war of 1655, the war of 1657, and the Polish–Russian War of 1792. The Krakow Barbican is a must seen establishment, so whenever you travel to Poland please visit this site, who knows its beauty would enrapture you too.