Well, in this busy world as we all know, no one has too much time to spend it on their health and well being. Better health is the key factor to human happiness, it also contributes to the economy, the more healthy the population the wealthier the economy. Here are 10 tips on health and fitness for occupied people.

1. A great way to manage your times for the things you value and love doing is to create a list of everything you would like to do in your free time such as watching your favorite TV show or exercising. Once you’ve formed the list, number each activity as per their priority, starting with the important ones on top. Now you have a list of the things you love doing. Strive to complete at least the first three activities even if you have 10-15 mins.

2. Less is a more-Don’t exercise for an hour and more to obtain the results in an hour the only result you will get s sweat. For eg. exercising for 2 hours and expecting to get the desired abs(it’s not possible). When you understand this you will see yourself exercising more regularly, even when you have a busy day. An example of less is more is you can do 2 minutes of abs exercise,3 mins of muscle tone exercise, and so on.

3. Learn some super quick recipes-After taking out some time from your busy schedule you would not want to see it go to waste so here, the super quick recipes come into the play. Instead of feasting on unhealthy food start having healthy food.When you’re tired from work these quick healthy recipes which do not take hours to make will make your stomach happy. (Garlic chicken Stir Fry,lemon-Pepper salmon, vermicelli Noodle Bowl, etc)

4. Workout with your kids-Children can be the best trainers possible as they run around, play, and enjoy childhood time. Playing with children, dancing around with them is a great way of working out without even realizing it. This way you will also be spending time with your kids.

5. Use your loudspeaker or phone-If you’re using your phone all day think about how else you can use it. While going home from the office you could walk somewhere quiet without losing attention from your phone.

6. Best foods- When you’re caught up in a tight schedule surviving on fast foods can make it an easier approach. To make sure you’re getting the right nourishment make sure you always have a good stock of foods that give the highest health benefits. For eg Spinach(good for the brain )salmon(good for weight loss)pumpkin seeds(good for your memory) and many others will keep you healthy and full.

7.Supersets-When you are finally able to make some space for these exercises make sure you’re getting most out of it by doing supersets()Super-setting can lessen your exercise time by 50 percent because instead of having rest periods between sets, you do an alternative exercise that rests the muscles you’ve just trained and exercises the opposite one before you begin your next set. 

8. Live and active lifestyle-If you’re way too busy to do some exercise, exercising in your lifestyle can help you to stay healthy and fit even if you have a tight schedule. For eg.if you live close to your office, walk home instead of calling a cab.

9. Relax- When your stress levels are high due to office work or meetings it can have a disturbing impact on your health and wellbeing. Hence the best thing to do during this time is to learn how to relax your brain. Take a warm bath or do some light exercises, studies have also found that anticipation of laughter can also help in bringing down the stress levels so watch some funny videos or some funny episodes of your favorite series.

10. Two cups of water before a meal-Studies have shown that drinking two cups of water half an hour before a meal can help in losing weight, results of which are seen after 12 weeks. Drinking water after waking up, before a meal, is the simplest thing you can do to improve your overall health. Water also keeps your body hydrated and reduces the chances of headaches and helps in waste removal from the body.


-Shanaia Colaco