Life is good the way it is. You don’t need to read another book or meditate or need anything.But I do have to admit that living life this way is no easy task.

Be happy and satisfied, because you don’t need anything else at the moment first. Second set goals and achieve them, never be too greedy too quickly

I’ve been goal oriented and focused on the present by setting goals of action, not by a finish line. The easiest example is weight loss. A finish line goal is “I want to weigh 60 kg.

We must learn how to enjoy the present moment without getting distracted by the past or future.

We are constantly thinking, stressing, worrying, and being preoccupied with a force that seems outside of our control.

We keep on treating by using meditation, reading comfortable books and articles, and trying that promises peace from ourselves.

I’m always looking for new knowledge and information. At some point, I learned that more information is not the answer.

“The life of a foolish man is fearful and unpleasant; it is swept totally away into the future.”

Pleasure is not only eating, drinking, and being merry — no, true pleasure is to live care-free.

But we live our lives far from it. We are always distracted by something. That’s why it’s difficult to enjoy the moment.