No need to panic.

The world is living in a state of panic as everyone is following safety guidelines to ensure that they do not get infected with coronavirus.
The World Health Organization said that “emerging evidence” suggests that the virus may be airborne. There was panic as people wondered whether the precautions currently being taken are enough.
To clarify things, an expert has recently said that people do not need to panic over the findings. He clarified that the studies cited by a group of over 200 researchers have said that the virus can be “at least temporarily” airborne, and it does not mean that the virus is all around us and will infect everyone.
DG, CSIR, Rakesh Mishra has said that keeping in mind the latest developments about the possibility of the virus being temporarily airborne, people should wear a mask for a longer period of time and continue to take other precautions such as social distancing.
Precautions to take

  1. Maintain physical distance
  2. Avoiding rooms where multiple people are present, especially those lacking aeration such as AC rooms,
  3. Avoid gathering in closed spaces
  4. Wear a face mask at all times while outside
  5. Wash your hands regularly and properly with soap and water
    Saying that the virus is only six-months-old, Mishra said that it would be too early to say that we know enough about the virus. However, whatever we know will help in treating infected patients, he added.