“Good things will happen when you listen to the consumer” this is a quote which attracted me when I was reading an article related to marketing research. The sentence is very small and the meaning is quite simple until you try to decode the real meaning behind this plain sentence. If someone will ask me to define Marketing, I will simply conclude,”Marketing is the process of identifying and understanding your customer, and building relationship with them“. This is what the above mentioned quote states, that your business will bloom, your organization will make profit and your customers will be happy, only if you will try to identify and tackle the needs of consumer/customer.Marketing isn’t simply a part of business, it is the business. It is rightly said that customer is the king, it the customer who make the business. So if you want your business to grow positively,you must listen to the customer. Marketing is all about doing business as per the consumers’ needs.The organization needs to be flexible if it wants to succeed in the market . The need, demand, taste and preferences of the consumer keeps on changing and the organization must work with it.

In the current scenario, where there are hundreds of options available for a product or service, why will the consumer chose you over others?This will happen only if he/she is your loyal and satisfied customer and how did he/she become loyal? It is because their needs and preferences were taken into consideration by the company.If you wish to survive in this competitive world, you must do marketing to a large extent and should try to increase the head count of your product. Some of the few reasons about why marketing is so important are discussed below:

Helps in sales : Well it is quite simple, marketing help us sell our products and services. The main objective of any business is to earn profit and marketing help you to achieve that goal.There is no doubt that your product is the best, but if people don’t even know about your offerings then how will you generate sales?

Helps in growth of business: While your current customers should always be your main priority but marketing will help you add more people as customers in your business.Small social media posts and marketing campaigns can not only engage your existing customers but will also help you spread your business to new potential customers.

Marketing helps in informing: Marketing increases customers’ knowledge about your product. Sure you know the Ins and Outs of your product but do your consumers? In this situations marketing helps to make customers familiar with you products.

Marketing helps in building reputation: Reputation is a deciding factor that whether your customers will reach out to you or not.Strong and professional marketing indicates that you are a reputable business.It can help you establish credibility, build trust and engender goodwill towards your company.



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