Reimagining  Goa was an experience that was soulful. Goa was like food for the soul. So quiet in contrast to the hip and happening place shown on any travelogue or advertisement. I never assumed that it would be such an enjoyable turnout. The lush green scenery was a feast for the eyes. Although it was a problem that we couldn’t get a driver given to the situation prevailing in South Goa due to the Taxi Unions which were very strong and did not allow Uber or Ola to ply. But that paved the way for my father to drive the car!  It felt good to drive alongside greenery and beautiful pristine waters and streams. I was at first perplexed to see the weird houses with roofs slanting and jutted out, but then I started to realize and recognize the beauty behind it. The colorful and energetic colors of the houses complimented the cheerful nature of the people there. The first day was a little troublesome as we had lost our way of trying to reach the sterling. Finally, when we did make it to our destination, it was worth the trouble. Starting from the view to the helpful staff, all of this made me feel like Goa was meant to be like a  home away from home. The first tour to the beach made a lasting impression as it was very soothing as well as peaceful. The white sands of the beach had a warm glow to it. Overall it was a very relaxing trip to the Varca beach. We ended our day by having an appetizing meal as well as a sound sleep.

For our second day in Goa we decided that wandering around the beach would be the safest bet for us as there were not many places we were familiar with. The second beach in Panjim was just like we had imagined, with the warm wind blowing lightly but strong enough to blow your sunhats away, we had a delightful time exploring every nook and crane. After sometimes as our appetites came back even after the large breakfast we had which included chole puri, cornflakes, and tea, we went to a nearby shack to satiate our hunger. All of us were amazed at the sheer size of the prawn and crabs that were being served to us and we couldn’t control our amazement even gasping at the sight of them. After a hearty meal, we decided to visit the famous Don Bosco shrine in Panjim Goa. Many would recognize it as the most sought after place for Bollywood movie shooting to take place. After relaxing in the afternoon, we got to hear that there was a small party to be held in the sterling resort that day, so we gathered on the lawn and started mingling with the crowds. The whole theme was giving a proper Goan vibe and we could feel ourselves enjoying to the fullest. The food was also delicious enough and had a variety of dishes. After the day came to an end, we retired to our respective rooms and had a goodnight’s sleep.


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