Plant morphology

Study of form and features of plant

PATTIKONDA :07/07/2020

Plant Morphology is the Study of Physical and External structure of plants which is the based on Internal structure of plants by Microscopic level. This is usually considered as distinct from Plant Anatomy,which is study of Internal system of plants.

Plant anatomy treats both vegetative and Genetic structure of plants. There are Two major systems in plant morphology one is Shoot system and another one is root system. These two systems are common to nearly all Vascular Plants and provide all growth systems.

Plants exhibit Natural variation in their form and Structure.While all organisms vary from individual to individual parts in plant. By this ,Plant exhibit Three primary causes of variation. They are position effects, environmental effect and Juvenility


In this Morphology plant shows features like pollination, fertilization and Parthenocarphy. Parthenocarphy is devloped from ovary without fertilization.Normally these are seedless Example of these are Banana,Papaya,Orange.