are online classes really helpful?

Advancement of technology is bringing revolutionary changes in our daily lives, be it professional or personal. Everything which you want to do can be done through your phone just by a single click. You want to buy groceries it can be done online, you want to entertain yourself there are multiple options available on your phone, you can buy dresses from E-Commerce websites and you can even find your soulmate from the online dating websites. And in this time, where the whole world is locked inside their homes because of this deadly Corona virus, the role of technology gets bigger. So, when everything is going online, how can studies stay behind?

This whole concept of online education is not new for us, there were many talks and debates about the online education and in many fields this was done practically but after the due to corona outbreak the whole concept of Online Education is getting popular. You’ve definitely read news about schools and colleges adopting the online method to continue the studies but the actual question here is the online classes really fruitful or just a waste of time? As it is said, every coin has two sides ,i.e, if there is something bad, then something good is there too. We can not neglect the advantages of online education such as accessibility, one can learn at their own pace, flexibility, positive environmental impact, no need of commuting and many more, but on the other hand if we try to observe the disadvantages of the same then the list is more longer on this side. In this article we will look onto the concept of Online classes and their disadvantages. Basically online classes are those classes which are conducted over internet. This is a process where the students and the teachers are connected virtually and study on the same platform. The teacher can teach live or can upload pre recorded videos, that depends on the teacher. But the question here is can the students really learn through online lectures? Well, I don’t think so. I personally don’ t think that this concept is impactful . let me tell you all why I think so :

A : Face-to-face interactions- In this time where online classes are getting popular, the benefits of physical classes cannot be ignored. In physical classes, all the students participate physically and can have a real time discussion with the teacher and fellow classmates but online classes don’t give you this option. Although you can mail your queries to your teacher later on, but is sometimes hard to tell exactly where are you finding the difficulty or what you are trying to ask while in physical class you can ask your question by raising the hand.

B : Online classes take more time as compare to on-campus classes – You may find this absurd but this is true. The whole time which you will take to attend online classes, studying and completing online assignments will be much more than the time which you devote during your on-campus classes.

C : High chances of procrastination – In online classes there will be no one who will tell you to attend the class on time, no one will tell you to complete your projects and no one will tell you to study. There will not be anyone to preach you, beg you or to plead with you to stay on top of your syllabus. So if you are a procrastinator, online classes are definitely not your thing.

D : Internet connection – The most basic problem which one can face during online classes is the Connection issue. There is no way you won’t get troubles because of your internet. More than half of your class will be spent correcting the troubles and as a result the learning will be zero.

E : Good time management – Online courses require the self-discipline to set aside chunks of time to complete your studies. As with most of the things, if you don’t manage your time properly, you will find yourself buried beneath a seeming mountain of syllabus.